Health Benefits

Oregon Hot Tub

Hot Tub Exercising is Great for Arthritis

  For those living with arthritis, a terrific way to get relief and help out those joints is to exercise in your hot tub. According to the Arthritis Foundation, stretching and exercising in your hot tub can be the perfect way to relieve aches and stiffness related to arthritis. By doing exercises in hot water, … Read More

Start summer this weekend with a Hot Spring Spa

Summer is just around the corner…rejoice! Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to the long, lazy days of summer. Relaxing in your backyard, enjoying the hard work gardening and sprucing things up, barbecuing and having friends over…it’s all coming in the days and weeks ahead. Make a Hot Spring Spa part of your summer … Read More

Find Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome by Hot Tubbing

  More and more people are discovering they suffer from a condition which is more common than originally thought: Restless Leg Syndrome. Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is described as a strong urge to move your legs repeatedly. Some sufferers describe it as uneasiness felt deep inside the legs, and the need to move them is … Read More

Silk Balance – Easy hot tub water care

It’s time for you to simplify your water care. It’s time for SilkBalance. If you’ve not heard about SilkBalance yet, you’re really missing out! SilkBalance enjoyed years of success as a water balancing product in Europe before its arrival in the U.S. There really hasn’t been anything that has changed the face of traditional water … Read More

Endurance Athletes – Improve Your Time with a Sauna

  If you’re a swimmer, triathlete, cyclist, or marathon runner, here’s a great way to increase your performance times—take a sauna. In 2007, New Zealand’s University of Otago performed a study tied to sauna use after a 5k run. The study, performed by their sports scientists, involved six male runners who trained six to seven … Read More

Setting Up A Hot Tub is Easier Than You May Think!

Many people think once they decide to get a hot tub the work is just beginning. The truth is, if you’re buying a small or mid-sized hot tub, the brands Oregon Hot Tub ( sell are incredibly easy to set up. You can usually have your tub delivered and be soaking the very next day! … Read More

Regular Hot Tub Use Relieves Fibromyalgia

Today, May 12 is National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. More studies emerge month after month about the wonderful therapeutic benefits of regular soaking in a hot tub. Many sites about reducing the physical complaints of those dealing with fibromyalgia site that hot tub soaking may help. Fibromyalgia is described as widespread pain, usually involving 18 key … Read More

Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check with Hot Tub Soaks

Yes, hot tubs are fun, a treat, an escape…but they do have a myriad of terrific health benefits as well. One benefit of regular hot tub soaking can be keeping your blood pressure in check. While no one but your doctor should instruct you on what to do if your blood pressure is above healthy … Read More

5 Tips to Healthy Water

Hurray, it’s May! Hopefully most of the cold wet days we’ve been experiencing (to such a huge degree!) are behind us now. If you’ve been discouraged to head out to your hot tub for that healthy morning or evening soak, now’s the time to get back in the habit. It will certainly improve your mood … Read More

Bikram Yoga Lovers – Have a Sauna at Home!

Bikram Yoga lovers—install your own sauna at home! It’s been around since the ‘70’s, but Bikram Yoga seems to be experiencing a surge of popularity. Bikram Yoga requires a room heated to 105 plus degrees with a decent amount of humidity to aid in getting the most benefit out of the 90 minutes a session … Read More