Hot Tub Exercising is Great for Arthritis

For those living with arthritis, a terrific way to get relief and help out those joints is to exercise in your hot tub.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, stretching and exercising in your hot tub can be the perfect way to relieve aches and stiffness related to arthritis. By doing exercises in hot water, you’ll increase circulation to arthritic joints, increasing freedom of movement. The buoyancy hot water affords already gives you a jumpstart on relieving join stiffness.

One of the bonuses to doing exercises in a hot tub is the addition of hydrotherapy through jets. By combining exercising with the massage of excellent jets, you can invigorate achy joints even further.

Many of our customers with arthritis start and end their day in their hot tubs. Your mobility and sense of well-being gets increased first thing in the morning by taking a soak and performing some simple exercises in the hot tub. Hopping in the tub before bed relieves some of the pain that may have gathered over the course of the day, and definitely helps with a more restful, peaceful sleep.

Find out firsthand what a difference a soak will make for you if you’re living with arthritis. You won’t believe the difference! Schedule a test soak in one of our locations, and discover why Hot Spring Spas is the only brand of hot tub to ever have a sponsorship with the National Arthritis Foundation. You’ll be glad you did!