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July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Covana -Beautiful privacy shades available -Water-tight seal to keep heating costs down -Doubles as a spa cover and gazebo  Shop Covana Anniversaries at Oregon Hot Tub This month, we are celebrating the anniversaries of four members of our team! Congratulations to everyone celebrating their anniversary this month!

Summer Savings Event 2019

Summer Savings Event 2019

We want to help you get the most out of your hot tub this summer!  Print or Screenshot and bring to a showroom near you  Or give us a call at 503-941-9004 In-Store Only Prefer to shop online? We got you covered. Visit our e-store! E-Store

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Sign Up R200 – 3 Swim Jets – 1,335 Gallons – 5 Hydromassage Seats Shop R200 Anniversaries at Oregon Hot Tub This month, we are celebrating the anniversaries of three members of our team! Congratulations to everyone celebrating their anniversary this month!

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Get Silky Service Hot Spring Stride  Seats 3 Adults Directional Hydromassage Jets Directional Precision Jets Shop Stride Anniversaries at Oregon Hot Tub Facebook Instagram Youtube

April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Spring is officially here, and we are excited to share some new, special events with you this month! WATER CARE CLASSES:April 27th, 2019 TIME:10:30am – Basic Water Care Classes12noon – Salt System Water CareWHERE: Vancouver: VISIT• Service Center: VISITWilsonville: VISIT • Bend: VISIT Bend Classes ran by: Randy Darby, SpaGaurd Water Care Specialist Hot Spring Triumph … Read More

March Newsletter

March Newsletter

March is the month to start your spring cleaning. All month long, we are offering great deals to help you get your tub in tip-top shape for spring! Anniversaries at Oregon Hot Tub Congratulations to everyone celebrating their anniversary this month! Facebook Instagram Youtube

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month, and Oregon Hot Tub and AllSpa have some great tips to help keep your heart healthy. We will have great deals on Valentine’s Day and throughout the whole month, so make sure to stop by and save! February Events NATIONAL HEART DISEASE AWARENESS | ALL MONTH LONG SIGNATURE SPA … Read More

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – West Linn, OR

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – West Linn, OR

Hot Spring Spas | Highlife Collection | Grandee West Linn, OR. Hot Tub Customer The Grandee provides comfort for everyone. The Dillinghams of West Linn are so happy with their Hot Spring Grandee with Ace salt water! Cheers to the Dillinghams. The expansive Grandee hot tub comfortably seats a party of seven, with room for … Read More

Hot Spring Highlife Prodigy – Lake Oswego, OR

Hot Spring Highlife Prodigy – Lake Oswego, OR

Hot Spring Spas | Highlife Collection | Prodigy Lake Oswego, OR. Hot Tub Customer The Prodigy is your relaxation station. The Baker family of Lake Oswego is so excited about their new Prodigy hot tub. The innovative Prodigy comfortably seats 5 people, with a variety of innovative jet configurations in each seating location. In addition … Read More

Relieve Insomnia in a Portable Spa, Hot Tubs McMinnville

Relieve Insomnia in a Portable Spa, Hot Tubs McMinnville

In our hectic world, many of us deal with sleep troubles. We toss and turn thinking of long to-do lists and looming deadlines. Tense, achy muscles make it hard to sleep. Why use sleeping pills when there’s a better way? Here are 3 ways to relieve insomnia in a hot tub. Melt Away the Stress … Read More

Hot Tubs Tigard, 3 Ways a Portable Spa Can Change Your Life

Hot Tubs Tigard, 3 Ways a Portable Spa Can Change Your Life

Healthier lifestyle choices lead to more productivity, less stress and a happier, more successful you. Where to begin? Why not start from the comfort of home? Here are three amazing ways a hot tub can change your life. Release Built-up Stress – Tension pain can leave you irritated and cranky. Luckily, a hot tub offers … Read More

Want to Waste Less Water? Use Your Hot Tub!

Want to Waste Less Water? Use Your Hot Tub!

If you’re looking to conserve more water, the solution may be in a surprising place: the hot tub in your backyard. That’s because using a hot tub is actually less water-intensive than a majority of activities that require water at home. Here’s how: while the average household consumes 400 gallons of water each day, daily … Read More

Hot Spring Highlife Jetsetter – Oregon City, OR

Hot Spring Highlife Jetsetter – Oregon City, OR

Hot Spring Spas | Highlife Collection | Jetsetter Oregon City, OR. Hot Tub Customer The Jetsetter offers a soothing interlude. Norm and Joan of Oregon City can´t wait to soak for the first time in their brand new Jetsetter! Offering advanced hydromassage with the patented Moto-Massage DX® and a JetStream® , the Jetsetter comfortably seats … Read More

Hydropool AquaTrainer 16 fX – Happy Valley, OR

Hydropool AquaTrainer 16 fX – Happy Valley, OR

Hydropool Swim Spa | AquaTrainer 16 fX Happy Valley, OR. Swim Spas Customer Another happy Hydropool Swim spa family! The Burke’s of Happy Valley love their 16fx Aquatrainer, fun for the entire family. What a beautiful back yard. It has variable resistant, adjustable current stream, the thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises and two … Read More

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – Lake Oswego OR

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – Lake Oswego OR

Hot Spring Spas | Highlife Collection | Grandee Lake Oswego, OR. Hot Tub Customer The Grandee provides comfort for everyone. The Andrews family of Lake Oswego love their new Hot Springs Grandee with the Ace salt system!! The expansive Grandee hot tub comfortably seats a party of seven, with room for everyone to enjoy state-of-the-art … Read More

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – Aloha, OR

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee – Aloha, OR

Hot Spring Spas | Highlife Collection | Grandee Aloha, OR Hot Tub Customer The Grandee provides comfort for everyone. Kris and Nancy of Aloha, OR can’t wait to get into their new Grandee. They have owned a Hotspring before, but decided to try another brand. Kris says,” once you have had a Ferrari it’s really … Read More

Discover Peace and Health with a Sauna, West Linn Sauna Sale

Studies are released each day on the terrific benefits of using an infrared sauna. It’s a quiet haven to retreat to at the start or finish of a busy day, and a smart way to rid the body of toxins. Here are just a few ways to enjoy health and peace in a sauna. What … Read More

Spa and Sauna Dealer West Linn Offers Self-Improvement Tips

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving West Linn, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is proud to share tips for self-improvement in the New Year. “Without a continued effort toward self-improvement, people face many difficulties from a lack of self-esteem to a simple cessation of learning. The … Read More

How Does a Portable Spa Relieve Pain? Hot Tubs Wilsonville

There are many fabulous reasons for investing in a hot tub. But, nothing more exciting than relieving aches and pains from the privacy of home. Wondering what makes a hot tub so good at soothing body and mind? Here’s the science behind the spa, and how a dip can relieve pain. Heated Water Relaxes and … Read More

Holiday Hydrotherapy Ideas, Hot Tubs Wilsonville

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving Wilsonville, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is proud to share hydrotherapy tips for a stress-free holiday. On the whole, people want to think of the holidays as a stress-free, fun time. A great way to spend holidays in style is … Read More

Five Gifts for the Spa Lover – Hot Tubs Gresham

Five Gifts for the Spa Lover – Hot Tubs Gresham

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift to give to a friend or a loved one during the holidays. Well, Oregon Hot Tub is here to help! Here are five ideal gifts to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of their hot tub: Hot Tub Steps – Often the one thing hot tub owners don’t purchase with … Read More

Tips for Diabetes Month – Hot Tub Dealer Gresham

Tips for Diabetes Month – Hot Tub Dealer Gresham

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving Gresham, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Wilsonville, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is proud to share tips for controlling diabetes. Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub said, “November is National Diabetes Month, a time when people should learn more about this serious disease and … Read More

How to Buy a Portable Spa, Hot Tubs Lake Oswego

How to Buy a Portable Spa, Hot Tubs Lake Oswego

If you’ve never had a hot tub before, you’re in for a treat. A hot tub will help you reconnect with loved ones, allow you to escape from the complexities of daily life, induce a more restful night’s sleep and more. How to make the right choice? Here’s what you need to keep in mind … Read More

Tips for Emotional Well Being, Hot Tubs Lake Oswego

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving Lake Oswego, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Wilsonville Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is proud to share “3 Ways to Improve Emotional Well-Being.” Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub said, “People should seek out the best ways to reduce stress and improve their lives … Read More

Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Saunas Dealer Beaverton Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer in Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Wilsonville Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is pleased to announce that their newly remodeled showroom is now open. It is located at 10367 Southwest Canyon Road Beaverton, Oregon Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub said, “There have been several … Read More

Planning Your Portable Spa Retreat? – Hot Tubs Salem Sale

Creating the perfect backyard haven for your new hot tub can be an exciting part of your buying experience. Summer is the perfect time to identify the perfect spot for your hot tub, and how to integrate it into your backyard living. Here are five things to keep in mind when planning the spot for … Read More

Enjoying Your Spa at Home with the Kids – Hot Tubs Hillsboro

Spending family time in a hot tub can be terrific, especially with children. After all, how many places can you retreat to nowadays that isn’t filled with techno distractions? Depending on the age of the kids in the spa, it’s also important to keep a few things in mind to make sure the tubbing is … Read More

Lap Pool Owners, Avoid These Mistakes | Swim Spas Beaverton

You’ve decided to buy a swim spa? Congratulations! We hear from our customers all the time about how a swim spa has helped changed their lives. But sometimes folks make some novice mistakes as they start getting used to owning a swim spa. We’d like to counsel you on some things to avoid. Do take … Read More



If you are in the market for a hot tub, one of the first questions you might ask is, “How much does a hot tub cost?” The answer is, it depends. Hot tub prices are not an industry secret. The main reason they are not displayed on the manufacturer’s website or most dealers’ websites is that prices vary, … Read More

Spa Trade-In Tips – Have an Old Hot Tub? Trade Ins Welcome, Portland

Spa Trade-In Tips – Have an Old Hot Tub? Trade Ins Welcome, Portland

Hot Tub Trade-in Sale Portland Even if your current hot tub is only five years old, there are terrific reasons to think about upgrading. If you’re getting ready to overhaul your backyard, this could be the perfect time to overhaul your hot tub too. Here are just a few reasons a new hot tub might … Read More

Easter Ham on the Big Green Egg

Easter Ham on the Big Green Egg

Easter is just around the corner! If you’re planning an Easter feast for your clan and your friends this coming Sunday, why not break out the Big Green Egg to make the perfect ham? Here’s a terrific simple recipe we found called “Mona Lisa’s Glazed Smoked Ham.” Give this a shot and treat everyone to … Read More

How to Claim Your Hot Tub As A Medical Expense Deduction on Your Tax Return

How to Claim Your Hot Tub As A Medical Expense Deduction on Your Tax Return

Want to claim a deduction for your 2016 hot tub purchase? Original article from Olympic Hot Tub. We all know that April 18th is tax day.  A visit from our accountant this morning brought the impending date into stark awareness.  Taxes are no one’s favorite topic unless you’re an accountant or work for the IRS.  … Read More

Key Mistakes to Avoid for Swim Spa Owners

Key Mistakes to Avoid for Swim Spa Owners

You’ve decided to buy a swim spa? Congratulations! We hear from our customers all the time how a swim spa has helped changed their lives. But sometimes folks make some novice mistakes as they start getting used to owning a swim spa. We’d like to counsel you on some things to avoid. Do take a … Read More

Increase Sauna Benefits with a Dose of Cold

Increase Sauna Benefits with a Dose of Cold

Sauna lovers are usually after the toasty heat enjoyed by a good sauna session. It gets the blood flowing, increases your heart rate, induces sweating that flushes toxins and gets your skin glowing and youthful looking. But, did you know that alternating from a hot sauna to a cold splash can actually improve the benefits … Read More

Make Valentine’s Day a Hot Tub Date Night

Make Valentine’s Day a Hot Tub Date Night

February is just around the corner—and that means you have only two weeks to make sure you’ve got things set for a great Valentine’s Day. If you’ve never considered making the hot tub the center of a Valentine’s night, why not make this the year you do so? Here are some ideas to make the … Read More

5 Simple Tips to Keep your Sauna in Tip-Top Shape

5 Simple Tips to Keep your Sauna in Tip-Top Shape

Now that we’ve been in the sauna business for a while, it’s come to our attention that a lot of folks don’t realize that a sauna needs to be maintained, much like anything else in our lives that get regular use. Here are some easy DIY tips to make sure your sauna stays in great … Read More

Hot Tub Buying Secret: Consider the Noise Factor

Hot Tub Buying Secret: Consider the Noise Factor

Did you know…? One of the tub complaints in many neighborhoods is noise from a neighbor’s hot tub! There are so many things that people get distracted with when they go on a hot tub quest—some of those things don’t really matter at the end of the day (high jet counts, ridiculously high horsepower on … Read More

New for 2017! Introducing Two Fresh Hot Spring NXT Collection Tubs

New for 2017! Introducing Two Fresh Hot Spring NXT Collection Tubs

In 2014, Hot Spring re-designed its entire collection of Hot Spring Spas. While Hot Spring had been the top-selling hot tub brand for years, they decided to push the envelope with hot tub design. To do so, they enlisted the help of Designworks, a BMW Group company. The results were stunning. The line sold like … Read More

New Study Reveals Sauna Use Can Cut Risk of Dementia 

New Study Reveals Sauna Use Can Cut Risk of Dementia 

A new study recently published by the University of Eastern Finland reports exciting results regarding dementia and sauna use! In the study researchers went back over 20 years of records for men in good health aged 42-60. In looking at the data, various points were noted: age, alcohol consumption, body mass index, and blood pressure … Read More

Winter Tips for Your Hot Tub

Winter Tips for Your Hot Tub

We’re entering the depths of winter (well, at least what winter in the Pacific Northwest looks like). We know a lot of folks get tempted to drain their hot tub during the winter and not use it. We’d like to submit to you that the winter time is absolutely one of the BEST times to … Read More

How Saunas Boost Your Immune System

How Saunas Boost Your Immune System

Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the Father of Medicine, once made this declaration: “Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease.” Therein lies one of the reasons that regular sauna use is so effective for the body’s immune system. When you take a sauna, your core body temperature rises during the session, … Read More

Need the Perfect Gift? We Can Help!

Need the Perfect Gift? We Can Help!

You have ten days left to get your shopping done and check everyone off your list…how are you doing? If you need some inspiration, we’d like to offer some ideas on outstanding gifts to help you out. Give the ultimate massage to someone every single day with the Infinity Massage Chair. This chair is a … Read More

Could Japan Have its Own Spamusement Park??

Could Japan Have its Own Spamusement Park??

How crazy is this? Beppu, a city known the world over for its natural hot springs, might be developing the world’s first spa-themed amusement park! Yasuhiro Nagano, the city’s mayor, stated that a promotional video posted on Facebook would serve as the catalyst for moving forward with the development of the park. If the video … Read More

Where is the Fountain of Youth? Inside your Sauna!

Where is the Fountain of Youth? Inside your Sauna!

Have you ever noticed how incredibly young the Finns look compared to the rest of us? There’s a not-so-secret reality of their daily life that you can easily incorporate into yours: a daily sauna session. The sauna does incredible things for your body, but you achieve that Fountain of Youth result from what it does … Read More

Baked Sweet Potatoes on the Big Green Egg for Thanksgiving

Baked Sweet Potatoes on the Big Green Egg for Thanksgiving

It seems there are always a plethora of sweet potato dishes that turn up for Thanksgiving—most of them tossed in with marshmallows and more. For a twist this coming holiday, how about baking up sweet potatoes on the Big Green Egg? For sweet potato lovers, this might be an excellent alternative to the traditional dish … Read More

The Secret to Good Sleep is Your Hot Tub & Sauna

The Secret to Good Sleep is Your Hot Tub & Sauna

November is National Sleep Comfort month. It’s well known that getting a good night’s sleep is key to our bodies and our minds. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that an estimated 50-70 million adults in the U.S. experience a sleep or wakefulness disorder! They also noted that those who experience a sleep deficit … Read More

Give the Ultimate Holiday Gift: A HotSpring Spa

Give the Ultimate Holiday Gift: A HotSpring Spa

Year after year, it’s a true treat and pleasure to deliver a new Hot Spring Spa to families across the greater Portland region for the holiday. If you’re thinking about the ultimate gift to give your family or a loved one this coming season, why not delight them with a Hot Spring Spa? When you … Read More

Help your Body Adjust to Daylight Savings with Your Hot Tub

Help your Body Adjust to Daylight Savings with Your Hot Tub

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it appears the older I get, the longer it takes my body to re-adjust once we either fall back or spring ahead the clocks for daylight savings. The fall adjustment seems to take a particular toll on me for some reason. One thing that seems to help my … Read More

Embrace the Rain by Soaking in Your Hot Tub!

Embrace the Rain by Soaking in Your Hot Tub!

So…fall is here. With that comes the usual onslaught of rainier days and nights. Don’t let a rainy day dissuade you from using your hot tub! It’s absolutely one of the best ways to ward off any gloomy feelings gray days can bring on for many. All you need to do is be ready for … Read More

Five Ways a Swim Spa Will Improve Your Life

Five Ways a Swim Spa Will Improve Your Life

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has reported that getting about 2½ hours per week of aerobic activity can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing chronic illness and disease. A swim spa is an excellent way to get that aerobic activity in each week, and will allow you to do so with less … Read More

Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Traditional Sauna Session

Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Traditional Sauna Session

The sauna craze is growing more each year in the United States. In fact, there are now more than a million saunas nationwide! Yet, many Americans still don’t know exactly how to make the most of their sauna session. We’d like to offer some tips. Shower first. Get your body ready for detoxifying by cleansing … Read More

Handy Tips for Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Home

Handy Tips for Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Home

One thing we’ve learned over the years: When our customers move, it’s hard to leave your Hot Spring Spa behind! For those of you who just can’t bear it and decide to take your hot tub with you, here are some steps for a successful hot tub move.   If you’re employing a moving company, … Read More

Get your hot tub ready for Fall

Get your hot tub ready for Fall

Yes, it’s true—Fall is here. While some think this is the time to shut down their hot tub, we think it’s absolutely the best time to use it! Nothing is better on crisp cool (or rainy) nights than trotting out to the tub for a luxurious soak that will heat you up and keep you … Read More

Keep Colds & Flu at Bay this Season with Your Sauna

Keep Colds & Flu at Bay this Season with Your Sauna

Cold and flu season is again just around the corner. While getting a flu vaccine, making sure you’re getting a good daily dose of vitamin C, and plenty of rest will help your immune system ward off colds and flu, a sauna can also be your friend. Why? Viruses tend to thrive in colder conditions; … Read More

Give hot tub yoga a try

Give hot tub yoga a try

Hey yoga lovers! If you have ever thought about giving hot tub in your yoga a try, rejoice! Swim University has created “Hot Tub Yoga for Beginners”.   Some of us, as we age, can find some of the bending, stretching & balancing associated with yoga to become more difficult to achieve. But, when you … Read More

Make good ol’ BBQ chicken for Labor Day on your Big Green Egg

Make good ol’ BBQ chicken for Labor Day on your Big Green Egg

Can you believe Labor Day is nearly here?? It’s hard to believe summer is nearly behind us and it will soon be ready for some of the crisp fall nights ahead. Before that happens, the holiday weekend will afford yet another opportunity to break out the Big Green Egg and produce some mouth-watering treats for … Read More

Use a hot tub to help manage Type 2 Diabetes

Use a hot tub to help manage Type 2 Diabetes

I was speaking to one of my relatives a few weeks ago who has Type 2 Diabetes. While we’ve had this conversation before, I had to remind them that one of the ways blood sugar levels can be managed is by regular hot tub soaking. After speaking with her, I realized that, while this is … Read More

Use your swim spa to get an Olympian physique

Use your swim spa to get an Olympian physique

As the Olympics wrap up this week, it’s hard not to feel an immense sense of pride in the US Olympic athletes and all they have achieved. One of the big highlights has certainly been the incredible performance turned in to Michael Phelps. With 28 medals to his credit spanning five Olympics. (Many don’t realize … Read More

Enjoy Perseids from your hot tub

Enjoy Perseids from your hot tub

It’s that time of year when once again nature bestows on us one of the most striking displays ideal for enjoying from your hot tub. Perseids is coming this Thursday & Friday on August 11th & 12th. And, this year all indicators point to a truly terrific show!   The optimal time this year for … Read More

Staying cool in your hot tub

Staying cool in your hot tub

Many folks steer clear of their hot tub in the summer time when it gets hotter outside. Our big question is, “Why?” Consistent hot tub use year round is the key to keeping your body and mind healthier and happier. In fact, when we become more active in the summer months, a hot tub can … Read More

Can an infrared sauna help combat depression?

Can an infrared sauna help combat depression?

A recent article posted on WebMD finds that infrared sauna use could help those with depression or anxiety issues.   A study was recently conducted with individuals struggling with major depression. In the study, 16 individuals were exposed to infrared heating to induce hyperthermia. It was discovered that, with a single hyperthermia session, depression scores … Read More

Make the most of your hot tub this summer

Make the most of your hot tub this summer

Does it feel like each summer is getting hotter and hotter in Portland? We think so! While a lot of us look forward to the summer heat, it tends to make many hot tub owners soak less and less, which is a true shame. Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean that your hot … Read More

Grill up some great spare ribs on the Big Green Egg for the 4th

Grill up some great spare ribs on the Big Green Egg for the 4th

Dr. BBQ seems to always come up with some mouth-watering ideas for the Big Green Egg ( We came across this one, and it’s definitely not an exception to that! With the 4th of July just around the corner, we thought we’d offer this up as a great option for your holiday meal. Grill it … Read More

3 Ways To Improve Family Connections – Hot Tubs Cannon Beach

3 Ways To Improve Family Connections – Hot Tubs Cannon Beach

“Communication is key to a healthy relationship. However, it remains one of the more difficult aspects of healthy family interactions,” said Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub. Even with the ease of modern technology, people are busier than ever before, and most people rush from early morning to well into the night. Here are … Read More

Now you can “sauna your way” at a Burger King!

Now you can “sauna your way” at a Burger King!

  We know that Finns love their saunas. With one sauna for every three people in Finland, it’s obvious that it’s a vital part of Finn living—from relaxing and socializing to even a place for business meetings. Now, at a Burger King in Helsinki, you can get a Whopper and take in a sauna too! … Read More

Can you hot tub anywhere? How about in a hammock?!

Can you hot tub anywhere? How about in a hammock?!

Human beings are insanely creative. It seems every time you turn around nowadays something is introduced or talked about and the only thing you could possibly say is, “No way!”   Well, when we heard about this innovation, we responded with exactly that: “No way!” For those who love the great outdoors, you might want … Read More

The smart way to buy a used hot tub

The smart way to buy a used hot tub

Hey, we know exactly what it’s like when the hot tub bug bites. It’s getting nicer outside, you’re doing those outdoor projects, planning a new yard or a new deck and you think, “Yes! Now’s the time to get a hot tub!”   Once you start doing some shopping, you realize that hot tubs (a … Read More

The perfect swim spa for small spaces is here

The perfect swim spa for small spaces is here

If you’re an avid swimmer that’s always dreamed of having your own backyard retreat for a daily swim but not much room in that backyard, we may have the perfect solution for you!   Hydropool’s AquaSport 12’ fX delivers a terrific option when you just don’t have tons of backyard space to devote to a … Read More

Hot Tub, Swims Spa Astoria Dealer, Supports Family Wellness Month

Hot Tub, Swims Spa Astoria Dealer, Supports Family Wellness Month

Astoria, OR 97103 – Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer in Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Wilsonville Oregon and Vancouver, Washington shares “Three Best Ways to Keep Families Physically and Mentally Fit.” “May is Family Wellness Month, a great program designed to help parents and other family members get and stay … Read More

Make your own bacon from scratch!

Make your own bacon from scratch!

The Big Green Egg is a great way to whip up all kinds of terrific dishes to be sure. Lots of different folks out there have created some outstanding goodies on the Big Green Egg and put them online for the world to see…but the idea of our own bacon?! Y-U-M-!   We’re not taking … Read More

Give your hot tub a deep clean

Give your hot tub a deep clean

Memorial Day is coming, and that’s a great time to get together with friends and family and enjoy a terrific weekend that could include hot tub soaking. When’s the last time you gave your hot tub a good “deep clean”? If it’s been a while, now’s the perfect time to hit it before the weekend … Read More

The cautions of drinking and soaking

The cautions of drinking and soaking

When using the hot tub, please don’t commit an SUI (Soaking Under the Influence) We know: Soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine sounds like an excellent way to unwind after a hard day. And, perhaps one glass while soaking won’t exactly kill you. But, drinking too much alcohol and soaking in … Read More

Texas Style Brisket

Texas Style Brisket

This brisket is wonderful alone or served with soft tortillas and taco toppings. Ingredients One 10 to 12 lb (4.5 to 5.5 kg) whole packer brisket (Choice or higher) Instructions Mix the rub ingredients (listed below) in a large bowl. This mix will make more than you need for one brisket; store the remainder in … Read More

Blueberry BBQ Chicken

Blueberry BBQ Chicken

Recipe courtesy of Vivian Howard. Her documentary film series, “A Chef’s Life,” has won a Peabody Award, a Daytime Emmy and was nominated for four James Beard Awards. You can read more about Vivivan on P32 of our Lifestyle Magazine. “My Blue Q Suace is inspired by typical Eastern North Carolina vinegar-based barbecue sauce. But we … Read More

Fish and Shrimp Stuffed Jalapeños

Fish and Shrimp Stuffed Jalapeños

Recipe courtesy of O’Neill Williams. Ingredients 1 pound jalapenos 4-6 oz cream cheese 1-2 pounds shrimp 1 pound bacon Seasoning Instructions Set EGG for indirect cooking (with convEGGtor) at 400°F/204°C. Cook the grouper on a Perforated Cooking Grid. Mix with cream cheese when cooked. Cut the stems off and split the jalapenos in half long … Read More

Plank Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese

Plank Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese

Recipe copyright Kared Adler and Judith Fertig and used by permission of The Harvard Common Press. Photo courtesy: 25 Essentials: Techniques for Planking. Whether you serve these over dressed greens as a salad, on their own with a bold red wine as an appetizer, or as a sweet-savory dessert with a glass of port, you’ll … Read More

Grilled Grouper with Basil Tomato Sauce

Grilled Grouper with Basil Tomato Sauce

Recipe courtesy of O’Neill Williams. Ingredients 1 Tablespoon lemon juice 1 ½ teaspoons minced fresh rosemary or ½ teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed 1 ½ teaspoons olive oil ¼ teaspoon salt dash pepper 2 fish fillets ¼ cup diced seeded tomato 1 tablespoon minced fresh basil or 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 Tablespoon chopped green onion … Read More

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

Recipe adapted from Laura’s Lean Beef. For more on Laura’s Lean Beef, visit Ingredients 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 roasted red bell pepper, sliced (use from a jar) 1⁄2 onion, sliced 1 (14.5 ounce) can Red Gold® Diced Tomatoes, drained 1⁄2 tablespoon dried oregano 5 ounces Laura’s Lean Beef Sirloin Steak, cooked and … Read More

NY Strip Steaks

NY Strip Steaks

Recipe courtesy of O’Neill Williams. Ingredients 4 NY Strip steaks, seasoned with 4 tbsp Dizzy Gourmet® Cosmic Cow Seasoning™ Instructions Set the EGG for direct cooking (without the convEGGtor) with a Cast Iron Grid at 650°F/343°C. Grill steaks to desired internal temperature. 2 ½ minutes, then flip. 2 ½ minutes, then flip. Cook additional 3 … Read More

Cedar Planked Salmon with Honey Glaze

Cedar Planked Salmon with Honey Glaze

Recipe courtesy of Robert Mondavi, Jr. – Co-Founder and President of Winemaking, Michael Mondavi Family Estate and Folio Fine Wine Partners. “Collectively our family has ten EGGs…needless to say, we all believe in the versatility of the Big Green Egg.” Ingredients 2 Cedar Grilling Planks 1 ½ cup (120 ml) Dijon mustard ¼ cup (60 … Read More

Swim Spas for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is one of the mystery diseases that to this day baffle doctors as to its cause. Multiple sclerosis initiates an abnormal response of the body’s immune system. It affects the central nervous system, made up of the brain, spinal cord & optic nerves. The issues MS causes are wide and varied: weakness, tingling, … Read More

Four Great Ways to Relax in an Apartment or Condo

Apartment & condo dwellers rejoice! While you may not know it, there are actually a lot of terrific products out there that will help enhance your health & recreation in your very own compact living space. If you’re looking for a way to ramp up the enjoyment factor at home, here are some terrific options! … Read More

Spruce Up Your Hot Tub for Spring

Isn’t it great that spring has finally sprung? We’ve experienced an especially wet few months, and it’s gratifying to know that sunnier longer days are now part of our reality. We know that some of you just haven’t been giving your good friend in the backyard—your hot tub—proper attention during the winter. Well, now’s the … Read More

World Health Day & Diabetes

World Health Day is this week on April 7th. The World Health Organization (WHO) met way back in 1948 and decided that, starting in 1950, World Health Day would be observed to draw attention to the importance of global health. This year, World Health Day is focused on Diabetes, which is considered a largely preventable … Read More

Oregon Hot Tub Wins Retail Excellence Award | Offers Clearance Sale

Winning the Retail Excellence Award is a real honor. That’s because the entire team at Oregon Hot Tub goes out of their way to ensure that all customers are satisfied. From the sales team to the delivery crew, the experience for the customer is job one, and the staff is empowered to do what’s necessary … Read More

Make your New Year’s dreams & goals in the hot tub!

2016 is just around the corner! Can you believe it? As we get ready to ring in a new year, it’s a great time to reflect back on the year we’re wrapping up. And, of course, the coming year opens up plenty of possibility, hope and optimism for what lies ahead. Instead of ringing in … Read More

Healthy Habits For The Holidays – Portland, Wilsonville Hot Tub Dealer

Between the out of town family visitors, traditions, big sports events and small intimate gatherings, there is hardly any time to eat well and get regular exercise routines into the days during the holiday season. Here are three simple ways to survive the holidays and maintain healthy habits. To learn more, pick up a copy … Read More

Two great ways to combat dry skin when hot tubbing…

Winter is a time for a lot of folks to struggle even more with dry skin issues. Cold weather and going indoors and out from cold to warm climates seems to wreak havoc on the epidermis. If you’re a hot tub lover that already has dry skin challenges, the addition of hot tub soaking to … Read More

Great gift ideas for the sauna lover…

If you’ve got someone on your list that is a sauna enthusiast, we have some great items available perfect for gift giving this holiday season! Check out the list below, visit one of our stores or our E-Store to purchase, and check that gift obligation as “done” on your list!   Eucalyptus Essential Oil—This is … Read More

Great winter stargazing! Check out the Geminid Meteor Showers…

Here’s a chance for some great stargazing this month earlier in the evening than we normally recommend at other times of the year. The Geminids meteor shower starts around December 4th, but the peak viewing opportunities are just around the corner on the 13th and 14th. The meteors in this shower originate from the constellation … Read More

Great gift suggestions for the hot tub lover…

If you’re like most of us, you still have plenty of holiday shopping still to do before you can relax for the rest of the season. Well, we’re here to help! If you’ve got an avid hot tub lover in the house, here are some great ideas that will put a smile on their face … Read More

Big Green Egg For Yummy Peach Cobbler For Thanksgiving!

Everyone always talks about making your turkey for Thanksgiving on the Big Green Egg. (We’ve even posted a blog with a recipe for turkey making last year – check it out! Even though it’s colder out and may not be always on your mind, your Egg can be used for other things to complement that … Read More

Visiting Finland? Take a Finnish Sauna – The Right Way

Are you a diehard lover of saunas? If so, you should really head to the iconic world of sauna—Finland. Not only will it be a beautiful, picturesque getaway, it will also give you a chance to partake in the Finnish sauna culture. If you do take that trip, you’ll need to be sure you’re ready … Read More

DIYer’s love this simple home improvement project!

DIYer’s love this simple home improvement project!

Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. This is the time where many folks start thinking about home improvements and makeovers.  We’ve compiled a few ideas that will enhance your backyard and possibly your quality of life too! Our favorite affordable home improvement is one that brings the entire family together for … Read More

How to Choose Your Hot Tub Foundation

How to Choose Your Hot Tub Foundation

Thinking about getting a hot tub, but not sure where to put it?  There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the perfect place for your hot tub that will enhance your enjoyment. If you live in an area that’s gets snow, or other bad weather, we highly suggest placing … Read More

What’s the difference between 110v and 220v hot tubs?

What’s the difference between 110v and 220v hot tubs?

110V One of the nicest things about 110v or “plug and play” hot tubs is that once it’s sitting in your backyard, all you have to do to enjoy it is fill it up and plug it in. You don’t need to hire an electrician and hard wire anything. Because it only draws 11 amps, … Read More

7 Ways a Hot Tub is Better than a Couch

7 Ways a Hot Tub is Better than a Couch

Football season is upon us and our couches are anxiously awaiting our undivided attention as we gather round to cheer on our favorite team. This season, let’s do something different. Let’s throw caution to the wind and give our backsides a much needed change. Here are 7 ways a hot tub is better than a … Read More

Help Reset Your Body Clock With Your Hot Tub

Are you feeling groggier or more out of sorts right now? You won’t be alone! With Daylight Savings ending this past Sunday, everyone’s body clock has been traumatized. During this time of year, your hot tub is absolutely your friend! Taking a test soak about an hour before bedtime elevates your body’s core temperature. When … Read More

Do you suffer from SAD? A Finnleo Infrared Sauna May Help

A lot of folks dread this time of year. Sundown comes much sooner, the days shorten, and we experience a lot more hours of darkness each day in the coming months. If you happen to be someone who has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you might benefit from using a Finnleo Infrared Sauna to help cope. … Read More

Terrific hot tub stargazing awaits you for the rest of October

The final 10 days of October hold some great opportunities for celestial events. Why not take advantage of some stargazing from the comfort and hot bubbly water of your hot tub? Here are three key chances for great shows—just look heavenward! October 21st & 22nd—Take in the Orionids Meteor Shower. While not as impressive or … Read More

How to start your day right? Hot tubbing in the morning

Are you a morning person? Admittedly, I’m not. Nowadays, invariably I wake up before my alarm goes off, but sometimes leaving that warm cozy bed and getting myself motivated for the day ahead can be a little…rough. How can you beat that feeling, clear your mind and adjust your body for the day ahead? By … Read More

Findings continue to show sauna use effective therapy for heart disease

In the U.S. alone, every 43 seconds finds someone suffering a heart attack. What if you could reduce the likelihood of suffering a heart attack simply by using a sauna every day? Japanese research indicates this could very well be the case. The Japanese term for sauna therapy is called waon, derived from the Japanese … Read More

Tips to ready your hot tub for fall

The weather is turning. In the Northwest, that means plenty of outstanding nights out soaking in the hot tub! Is yours ready for the coming season? Here are some tips to make sure you and your hot tub are ready for fall: How’s your cover? Nothing is less fun than lugging a water logged cover … Read More

Heading to Finland? Try out a floating sauna cabin

It’s well known that the Finns love their saunas. It’s reported that there are 5.3 million saunas across Finland! It would stand to reason that the Finns would also be the ones to take enjoying sauna bathing to exotic/unique locales to heighten the experience and make a visit memorable. Enter Saunalautta. Located near Joensuu in … Read More

Stay connected with your kids with a “hot tub date”

The kids have gone back to school, and with it come all the things that make present-day kids busier than ever: extracurricular activities, sports, homework, studying, social gatherings with friends… How do you get time to actually stay in touch with your kids during the school year and make sure you know what’s really going … Read More

Help relieve tensions headaches with a sauna

Do you suffer from chronic tension-type headaches (CTTH)? If so, a study published earlier this year indicates that sauna bathing can help reduce headache pain intensity. The study was conducted by the Wellington Pain & Headache Clinic at the Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington, New Zealand. The results were released in February of this year. … Read More

Have a weekend picnic around your hot tub or swim spa

We like pointing out little know holidays and events. Last week we talked about Relaxation Day…but did you know that the entire month of August is National Picnic Month? We think it would be fun to invite some friends over for a backyard picnic, and incorporate your hot tub or swim spa into the festivities. … Read More

Celebrate Relaxation Day in your Hot Tub

Did you know there is actually a Relaxation Day? There is! (Why it’s not every day, I’ll never know.) August 15th is the day set aside to focus on relaxing. A terrific way for anyone to relax is in your hot tub. There are just too many good things for your body and mind about … Read More

Five Tips for Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water  

This summer has been H-O-T-! But, soon enough, the temperatures will start to drop and we’ll once again be in the perfect weather conditions for nightly hot tub soaking. Is your hot tub ready for that? We’ve talked a bit in the past about water clarity, and as it seems to be a challenge for … Read More

Today is National Nude Day…How do you celebrate?

Yes, this really is a thing! July 14th is National Nude Day in America. Apparently the first National Nude Day in America was observed in 1976. The idea was to give everyone a chance to cool off on hot summer days. (Really, that’s the reasoning!) There has long been an unwritten “modesty clause” in American … Read More

A swim spa can help with knee replacement rehabilitation

Yowza! Did you know that about 700,000 Americans get knee replacement surgery performed each year? Knee replacement procedures can lay you up for some time, and the key to getting back on your feet (literally) and doing so with good mobility and without pain is to do good consistent rehabilitative therapy post-surgery. I’ve known a … Read More

Stuffed burgers on the Big Green Egg for the 4th of July!  

We don’t always get a warm sunny 4th of July in the Northwest. This year, it seems like we’re going to be enjoying a smokin’ hot 4th of July to be sure, with temps nearing 100° in the greater Portland area! Whether you love this kind of heat or not, one thing is sure: Americans … Read More

Celebrate National Swim a Lap Day in your swim spa!  

Have you ever looked at Michael Phelps and been envious of that lean, ripped V-shaped torso of his? Yeah, us too. Well, it’s National Swim a Lap Day on June 24th. So, we thought we’d offer up a great workout using laps in your swim spa to burn those calories. An ideal workout would be … Read More

The benefits of hot tub salt water soaking

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, nothing can be more enjoyable than soaking in the refreshing water of a Hot Spring Spa. Hot Spring tackled the challenge of providing the experience of using salt to sanitize your hot tub with its ACE Salt Water Care—and it’s been a big hit. Since its introduction … Read More

Five awesome gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is June 21st! Need some inspiration for the perfect gift for the favorite guy in your life? We have some outstanding treats we know he’ll love! Take a look… Big Green Egg. It’s the perfect time of year (and the perfect opportunity) to treat Dad to a terrific new way to barbecue. We … Read More

Give your entire body a workout with a swim spa

Give your entire body a workout with a swim spa

It’s well documented that swim training is great for your overall health and well-being. Swimming creates resistance for all your muscles while at the same time creating buoyancy to take stress off your joints. It will also help improve flexibility and benefit your cardiovascular system. All the benefits of swimming are easily achieved through regular … Read More

It’s hot to keep things COOL this summer in our new Yeti® Coolers

Yeti Coolers have arrived at Oregon Hot Tub! And they are, quite simply…cool! Created by Roy & Ryan Seiders, the brothers from Austin always loved outdoor adventures, but found coolers that they took on their outings lacking. Lids caving in, latches coming loose and breaking, and handles that came off (never mind that stuff often … Read More

Hints to clean up cloudy hot tub water

We get a lot of calls regarding cloudy hot tub water. Especially at this time of year, when the hot tub is getting increased use for social reasons and the bather load rises, it’s easier to get enough extra “stuff” introduced to the hot tub that can create cloudiness. There are a number of things … Read More

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Here are some great gift ideas for you

Mother’s Day is nearly here—Sunday, May 10th. This is the day meant to give your Mom some overdue recognition, love and—yes—gifts. Stumped on what to give your Mom this year? Well, Oregon Hot Tub can help! Here are five great gift ideas that we think would be received with much happiness and appreciation. A Hot … Read More

[Video News] 3 Springtime Fix-Up Ideas – Hot Tubs For Sale Portland Oregon

Hot Tubs for Sale Portland Oregon ☎ 503-650-8242 ☎ Dealer Shares Timely Home Fix-Up Tips For Spring. Hot Tub, Portable Spa Clearance Sale, New, Used HotTubs, Refurbished Spas and Swim Spas for Sale A lot of people go through a spring cleaning phase every year. However, the focus on a spring spruce up should really … Read More

Give meditation in your sauna a try

If you’re a fan of meditation—or have always thought of giving it a try—why not add a unique twist and meditate in your sauna. An infrared sauna would be an ideal environment in which to give this type of meditating a try. The environment will be warm and healing without being too stifling. Here are … Read More

Hot Tubs Sale Portland Oregon

Hot Tubs Sale Portland Oregon – Enjoy Family Fun This Summer in Your Own Portable Spa from Oregon Hot Tub in Portland… Posted by Oregon Hot Tub on Monday, April 20, 2015

Want help losing weight? Try hot tub yoga

We’re getting into the height of spring, with summer just around the corner—hooray! But…what to do about those extra pounds you may have added over the winter when you just weren’t that active? Here’s something you can give a try: hot tub yoga. Ever thought about doing yoga in your hot tub? It will not … Read More

Celebrate International Dark Sky Week in your hot tub

You may have never heard of this! Did you know that April 13-18 is International Dark Sky Week? This is the week set aside in April to celebrate the New Moon. It’s actually a worldwide observance. The idea is to turn off all outside lights and enjoy the wonders of the heavens at night without … Read More

Can you claim your sauna purchase as a tax deduction?

Oh goody…! It’s almost time to pay taxes (said no one ever). Yes, it’s true—April 15th is just around the corner, and it’s time to collect all those files and pieces of paper and get them to the tax preparer to make sure you’ve got everything covered when you file. Here’s a question we often … Read More

[News Video] Hot Tubs Portland Oregon, Wins Dealer Award

Hot Tubs Portland Oregon ☎ 503-650-8242 ☎ Dealer Wins Hot Spring Spas Award ☆ Sale, Portable Spas Oregon, Hot Tub Clearance Sale, Hot Spring Spas for Sale, New, Used Hot Tubs, Spas and Swim Spas for Sale. Oregon Hot Tub, a 5-store hot tub dealer in Portland Oregon was recently recognized by Hot Spring Spas, … Read More

How do you fix Monday morning “blah”? Try soaking in your hot tub

Doesn’t everyone just wake up on a Monday morning and say, “Aaaahh!” No? More likely, you’re waking up and saying, “Ughhh!” Well, soaking in your hot tub first thing on Monday morning might just get your day (and probably your whole week!) off to a much better start. Here’s our recommendation: Get up at least … Read More

Can you use a sauna with a heart condition? New study says, “Yes”

Finns have an exhaustive history with sauna use. Right now, numbers reported show that there are 1.6 million saunas for a country with a population of five million! Nearly every person in Finland takes at least one sauna each week. But…what about those with heart disease? Americans get mixed messages on this from medical professionals, … Read More

Hot Tubs: The Perfect Family Fun Activity – Hot Tubs Portland Oregon

There’s an easy, convenient solution for quality family time that’s sure to keep everyone smiling. Here’s how to use an in home hot tub for the perfect family fun retreat. To encourage local residents to check out the benefits of using a hot tub, sauna or swim spa to help improve their overall health and … Read More

Our Cool Stuff Event will make your hot tub…well….COOL!

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at all the cool tech that has come to market over the last few years for a Hot Spring Spa, it’s our duty to point out a couple of great things you can add to your hot tub to enhance your enjoyment and peace of … Read More

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with your Big Green Egg

Maybe some of you have been letting the winter doldrums prevent you from breaking out that Big Green Egg and using it. St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here, and it’s an excellent excuse to bust out that Egg and get it back in grilling mode! Here’s a terrific recipe for steak complemented with a mushroom … Read More

Myth Buster: How safe are hot tubs?

Every once in a while we get these questions about how safe hot tubs really are. It seems to be that the news stories that point out the rare hot tub injuries get wide enough exposure that it perpetuates this myth that hot tubs really aren’t safe. Thankfully for us, that’s not true! In fact, … Read More

Runners rejoice! Swim spas can help improve your running

Time to get out of that winter funk and start hitting the trails and running again. If you need some extra help getting your body conditioned for your running routine, regular swimming in a swim spa may be the answer! The United States Masters Swimming Committee believes swimming can help you improve your running, making … Read More

Hot Tubs Are Gross – No They Aren’t!

Lots of people out there like to give hot tubs a bad rap. Never mind all the health benefits that have been attributed to hot water therapy, and endorsements over the years from various groups (like the National Sleep Foundation & the National Arthritis Foundation)…some folks just think getting into a hot tub with others … Read More

Infrared saunas can help improve heart health

February is American Heart Awareness Month. Cardiovascular disease is the #1killer of men and women in the United States. The amount of money attributed to health care, medications and lost productivity due to cardiovascular disease (including heart disease, stroke & high blood pressure) is in excess of $300 billion annually. Doctors in Japan worked for … Read More

Need a great Valentine’s gift? How about a massage every day?

I don’t know about you, but I find a massage hard to resist! What’s better than having a rub to remove the stress of the day, ease tense muscles, and just help you relax? If your sweetie loves massage, have we got the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you! We can get one of our … Read More

Using a friend’s hot tub? Be a good hot tub guest

Isn’t it great to have friends with a hot tub at their house? Of course we think it is! We also think it’s our duty to share some etiquette tips about soaking in a hot tub as a guest…read on! Nude or not nude? Ah…the age old question of hot tubbing! If you have friends … Read More

Great ways to prevent a cold—naturally

It’s the height of cold season—ugh! Nothing is less exciting than waking up discovering that you’ve got a scratch throat, stuffed up nose, sneezing—it’s such a drag. Most of the time, we only think about what to do once we GET a cold. We’d like to offer some tips we’ve found online about how to … Read More

Five winter hot tub no-no’s

We at Oregon Hot Tub know that there’s no better time to use your hot tub than in the depths of the winter season. It’s an awesome way to get rid of the winter chill, enjoy the tranquil darkness of a January night, and watch the steam rise off the hot tub as you melt … Read More

Last minute gift ideas for the hot tub & sauna lover

Okay, I know you’re out there, you holiday shopping procrastinators! Luckily for you, we have a few ideas for perfect last minute gifts for the hot tub & sauna lover in your life. Here are some great presents to get the rest of your list complete! We’ve got a terrific array of Spazazz perfect for … Read More

Celebrate the Winter Solstice in your hot tub

The Winter Solstice is nearly here—December 21st. It signifies the start of winter, and is also the longest day of the year. Solstice occurs when the sun is directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. Part of the word “solstice” is derived from the Latin word sistere, meaning “to stand still”. … Read More

How do you escape holiday stress? In your sauna!

Yep, the holidays are here. So much to do—shopping, Christmas cards (hopefully you still send them!), holiday parties, kid functions, travel, dinner planning…the to-do list increases but the amount of time to accomplish everything just stays the same. How do you keep the stress at a minimum and keep yourself in the holiday spirit? Take … Read More

Five ways to guard your hot tub from the harsh winter weather

We’ve seen snow already this year—far earlier than we normally do! There’s no telling what lies ahead in the next few months, especially since winter doesn’t officially start till December 21st. One way to survive the cold is to make sure your hot tub is always hot & ready for revival. Here are five ways … Read More

[Family Video] Tips for Family Stories Month – Outdoor Hot Tubs Wilsonville

Outdoor Hot Tubs Wilsonville, OR ☎ 503-427-2150 – Shares Tips for Family Stories Month – – All Portable Spas, Saunas and Swim-Spas on Sale. 97070 Family stories month is devoted to encouraging people to remember why talking about these events from the past is so important. Here are 3 simple tips for sharing family stories … Read More

Do you sauna like a Finn? Give it a try!

Americans have become more and more enamored with taking a sauna over the last fifty years. Yet, like many things that migrate from Europe, the sauna session for many is the Americanized version. With the temperatures dropping, it could be a great time to try taking a sauna like a true Finn! First, you’ll need … Read More

Turkey on the Big Green Egg for Thanksgiving!

Yes, it’s November. Yes, it may be cold. Yes, it may be rainy. BUT—You can be a star this Thanksgiving by preparing that bird for Thanksgiving on your Big Green Egg. So, man up and do it! It’s not that hard. Here’s the lowdown on a great Thanksgiving turkey done on the Egg. It’s really … Read More

Two terrific ways to reconnect with a loved one

Everyday life is full of too much hustle and bustle anymore! Work, kids, kid activities, trying to eat right, trying to get some “me” time, trying to stay up on your email, social media…There are dozens of things to keep you on the run every single day. With all this activity, how on earth do … Read More

How do I avoid dry skin from hot tubbing?

The fall & winter months provide plenty of ways for one of your body’s biggest organs—your skin—to suffer from dryness. Hot tub lovers shouldn’t despair! You can still enjoy your hot tub and counteract the drying effect of a hot water soak easily. Here are some hints to help prevent dry skin and still enjoy … Read More

[PR Video] Hot Tub Dealers Portland Supports Emotional Wellness Month

Hot Tub Dealers Portland – Swim Spa Dealer Participates in Emotional Wellness Month – ☎ 503-650-8242 All Portable Spas, Saunas and Swim-Spas on Sale. 97222 National emotional wellness month is set aside to focus on the important mental and emotional aspects of health, and show people how easy it is to take simple steps … Read More

Where on Earth can you sauna? These options prove…everywhere!

Sauna lovers that like a challenge will love this list. Here are four spots in the world where you can take in the sights, enjoy local culture—and partake in a unique sauna session as well! If you like the distinctive and unusual, these sauna spots should be right up your alley. Visit Milan & take … Read More

Five things to do when you buy a home with a hot tub

Everyone always gets excited when they move into a new home—and plenty get even more excited when there’s a hot tub there. You just can’t wait to enjoy soaks in the privacy of your own backyard! But—don’t hop in just yet. There are a few things you should consider doing before you start enjoying that … Read More

Have an extra $42,000 lying around? How about your own hot tub…BOAT?

Have you heard of Hammacher Schlemmer? Based in New York, this company’s been around for 166 years. They’re known for plenty of interesting quality products, as well as some that are truly unique and innovative. One of the current offerings from these folks is something plenty of people can get their heads wrapped around: A … Read More

Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse—Fabulous from your hot tub!

Taking in a celestial event is always a terrific treat. We think the entire experience is enhanced when you do a viewing of the heavens from the peace and tranquility of your very own Hot Spring Spa. Tomorrow morning will give you a grand excuse to head out to the hot tub and take in … Read More

Have Restless Leg Syndrome? Try an infrared sauna for relief

Have you ever heard of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)? It’s a real condition, and it plagues plenty of Americans. Recent studies have shown that folks with Fibromyalgia may also suffer from RLS—up to 33% of Fibromyalgia patients experience RLS. Characteristic feelings that someone with RLS will experience are throbbing, itchy or creeping sensations in the … Read More

Brats on the Big Green Egg to celebrate Oktoberfest? Yes, please!

It’s Oktoberfest time! And—what better way to celebrate than by incorporating your Big Green Egg into making some outstanding bratwurst? Why not make them even better by wrapping them up in some homemade pretzel dough? Take a look, try these recipes, and let us know what you think! Old-Fashioned Brats in Beer 1 12 oz … Read More

Enhance your hot tub soaking with a salt water system

For decades, people have been able to enjoy and embrace swimming in salt water pools. We’ve chatted with many folks over the years that simply love swimming in water that feels more natural and effervescent.  That’s why we were thrilled when Hot Spring introduced the ACE Salt Water System five years ago. For the first time … Read More

Is your hot tub ready for fall?

We’ve been here before…but it bears reminding everyone that fall will soon be fully upon us, and it’s time to get your tub in tip top shape for the coming season. When it’s getting darker and cooler, it’s the perfect time to hot tub! Here are our gentle reminders (okay, maybe not so gentle!) to … Read More

The future of travel may include a sauna for all!

Who better than to pave the way for upping the ante at an airline business lounge than Finnair? Opened in August, Finnair’s newly renovated lounge in the Helsinki Airport features a full-on Nordic steam sauna, complete with toiletries made with forest berries.  The sauna will be available for everyone to use—from the members of the … Read More

Are you ready for the future of hot tubs? It’s already here!

We love selling Hot Spring Spas. They’ve been forward thinkers from the very beginning in 1977. For many, a generation is defined as once about every seven years—it’s no different at Hot Spring. That’s the time they tend to look ahead to what’s new, what’s exciting, what’s innovative. They bring what they can into the … Read More

Five great ways you could be relaxing today

Today is National Relaxation Day! I think we can all agree that in today’s hectic world, finding time for yourself and doing some much needed unwinding can be just what the doctor ordered. “But how can I relax…?” you might ask yourself. Well, Oregon Hot Tub is all about escape and relaxation. In fact, every … Read More

Create a terrific swim spa setting with the right plants

Installing and enjoying your very own swim spa is a project that will reward you every day once it’s set up and in place. You’ll love the benefit of retreating to your back yard to enjoy it! Creating the perfect environment around the swim spa? Well, that’s a project entirely unto itself. Terrific plants to surround … Read More

Create the perfect date night with your Big Green Egg & your hot tub

What can be more enjoyable as a date night than good food, good company, and a great soak in your hot tub? The summer months provide the perfect time to combine all three and have a terrific night with a loved one. Start out by creating the mood at the hot tub. Stringing twinkle lights … Read More

Have arthritis? Consider an infrared sauna for relief

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. The number continues to grow. One of the biggest challenges for arthritis patients is eliminating joint stiffness, and gaining greater flexibility and mobility for the daily rituals of life. One thing that will certainly help with this is an infrared sauna. 26 years ago, research results were published in … Read More

Is your hot tub water green or yellow? Here’s why!

From time to time, the folks at our Service Center and in our stores get an onslaught of customers calling that are experiencing the water in their hot tub exhibiting a green or yellow hue. Relax! There are simple ways to deal with this type of water quality issue when it develops. First off: Why … Read More

Exciting product spotlight! The all-new 2014 Hot Spring Prodigy hot tub

Oregon Hot Tub customers love their Prodigy hot tubs. Heck—Oregon Hot Tub loves the Prodigy too! It has a long and storied history as a Hot Spring Spa, debuting way back in 1984 as the Home Spa. It was also the first Hot Spring model to receive the distinction of “Best Buy” from Consumers Digest—way … Read More

Five ways a swim spa can improve your health

Aaahhh…swimming! It’s just so much fun! And…swim spas give you a way to enjoy some of that splashy fun in your own backyard. And here’s the good news—there are a variety of ways that using a swim spa can benefit your health. Here are five great reasons to own a swim spa. Weight Loss. It’s … Read More

Saunas help police officers with chronic illness from meth exposure

Here’s a compelling case for the value of using a sauna for detoxification. In 2011, a study was published revealing how sauna use aided police officers in Utah with combatting the effects of exposure to methamphetamine. Sixty-nine officers were involved in the study. Officers that were repeatedly exposed to meth through breaking up meth labs … Read More

Five reasons to skip buying a used hot tub online

It seems the spring and summer months are the time that there’s an escalation of folks materializing online trying to sell a hot tub. Sure enough, we end up getting a plethora of calls from folks with all kinds of woeful tales about their decision to buy a second-hand tub from a private party. Here … Read More

Need to elevate your mood? Try an infrared sauna

If you or a loved one suffers from an occasional mood slump or periodic depression, something that can help get you over those temporary feelings: an infrared sauna. An article published in the Psychosomatic Medicine Journal in 2005 reported results of a study conducted by a group of researchers in Japan. During the study, a … Read More

New product focus—Say hello to the Smartop. The ultimate hot tub cover!

Over the years, one thing has become resoundingly clear with hot tub lovers: they love their hot tub, but they DO NOT love their ever-aging vinyl hot tub cover. All the things you might hate about your traditional vinyl cover are history! We’re thrilled to introduce the Smartop. Leisure Concepts has developed a terrific new … Read More

Five excellent gifts for Moms—Mother’s Day is May 11th!

Yikes! Mother’s Day is just around the corner…this coming Sunday! Are you ready…? If you need some terrific gift ideas, Oregon Hot Tub has them! Take a look: s Mom can relax and get a terrific massage every day with an Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair. This amazing chair actually conducts a scan to customize a … Read More

Experience the exciting new changes in Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring Spas has been a leader and industry innovator in the world of hot tubs practically since their introduction in 1977. Not only have they advanced the hydromassage available in today’s hot tubs, they’ve also been the leader in creating more natural water care options, alternative cabinets to traditional wood…the list is long. It’s … Read More

Take in the lunar eclipse from your hot tub or swim spa tonight

Yesterday, appropriately enough, is celebrated as “Look Up In the Sky Day”. Someone clearly made up this holiday, but it is a great reminder to take some time to gaze up into the sky, realize how big the universe truly is and our small part in it, and it’s a great way to momentarily breathe … Read More

Can a hot tub purchase be claimed as a deduction on your taxes?

We get this question from time to time. And, since we’re in the height of tax season and everyone has to get their taxes submitted by that magical date of April 15th, we felt this a timely subject to discuss. If your doctor has recommended hot water therapy for chronic medical issues or another event … Read More

A sauna on the water…?! It can happen…just ask Seattle

We always marvel at the creativity and innovation of people in the world…especially when it comes to hot tubs and saunas. And now, it appears the creativity with saunas has hit the Northwest, just up the road in Seattle. This particular project will result in a sauna floating on Lake Washington. The idea is to … Read More

Elevate Your Master Bath With a Sauna

Remodeling your master bath? It’s the perfect time to add a sauna! It’s fascinating how many people are now turning their bathrooms into havens. Not only can the bathroom be the place for tidying up and getting ready for the day, it can also become a retreat. If you’re in the planning stages of remodeling … Read More

Pregnancy and Hot Tubs—Soak with Care!

Congratulations! You’re having a baby. It’s always an exciting, nerve-wracking, nail biting time. We get a lot of questions regarding using a hot tub while pregnant. Hot tub lovers have a hard time adjusting their soaking ritual when going through a pregnancy. Can I use it? How long is safe? How often? The #1 thing … Read More

Getting back into swim shape using your swim spa

Okay…that swim spa in your back yard isn’t a bear—it really shouldn’t have gone into hibernation this winter, and neither should have your daily swim spa routine! If it’s been awhile since you disciplined yourself to use your swim spa on a regular basis, and need to get back in the swing of things, here … Read More

Create a romantic “hot tub date” for Valentine’s Day

Not surprisingly, February happens to be Creative Romance Month. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not incorporate your hot tub into a special Valentine’s Day date? Here are some ideas to make the time special. Start with the invitation. A card created by you is always a personal touch, but if you’re not … Read More

Know someone who is a rescue worker? A sauna is a must!

Rescue workers get exposed to a variety of toxins that are harmful to the human body. Chemical exposure, smoke inhalation, asbestos, fumes released by chemical agents and more are all things that can impact a rescue worker’s overall health and well-being. A sauna can absolutely help expel these harmful toxins and keep rescue workers in … Read More

3 Quick Ways to Healthy Living – Hot Tub Sale Portland OR

[Watch This Video] – Taking steps to live healthier is easier than you think – Watch And Learn How. ☎ 503-533-5603 ☎ | Get Your Free Report. “5 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a Hot Tub” Hot Tub Sale, 97201, 97204, 97205 To encourage local residents to check out the … Read More

Hot Tub Sale in Portland Oregon Publishes Tips for Healthy Living

[Video News Release] Oregon Hot Tub Promotes Portable Spas for Healthy Living. Shopping for Hot Tubs in Portland Oregon? All New and Used Hot Tubs on Sale. | Get Your Free Report. “5 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a Hot Tub” Hot Tub, Swim Spa and Sauna Sale. ☎ 503 … Read More

Foamy hot tub water? Clean it up!

One of the most common water care questions is about foamy water. How does it happen? How do I get rid of it?! The first thing to determine is if your water is actually foamy. Hot tubs naturally create an effervescent “foaming” response by jets infusing air into the water. Also, note that if your … Read More

Ward off flus & colds this season with regular sauna use

With every year comes the changing of the seasons…and with the winter season, colds & flu seem to escalate in their occurrence. We’ve mentioned this in the past, but it certainly bears repeating at this time of year, given that it seems the flu outbreak is peaking in the Northwest. It seems particularly aggressive this … Read More

Here’s why hot tub pricing isn’t found online

Have you ever shopped for a hot tub or sauna and thought, “Why the heck can’t I find any pricing?” Well, here are a few of the reasons why: Most hot tub & sauna manufacturers make agreements with small businesses to sell their products for them in the marketplace. In order to enable everyone a … Read More

New Year…New YOU!

The older we get, the faster the years seem to fly by! Can you believe 2014 is upon us? As we all get ready to bid farewell to 2013, take a moment to sit down and write down five things you’d like to focus on to improve yourself in the next year. I don’t like … Read More

Make hot tubbing part of your Christmas Eve tradition

Christmas Eve is upon us. As the hustle and bustle of the holiday winds down and you take time to gather with friends & loved ones, how about making the hot tub part of your celebration? Something that will definitely help make it a holiday event is hot spiced apple cider. Yum! Not only will … Read More

Hot Tubs For Sale Portland – Holiday Health & Fitness Tips

[News Release] Oregon Hot Tub Provides Holiday Health and Fitness Tips – Shopping for Hot Tubs for Sale in Portland Oregon? | Get Your Free Report. “5 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a Hot Tub” Hot Tub Sale. ☎ 503 533 5603 Portable Spas Oregon [authorsure_authors]

Terrific stocking stuffers for sauna lovers

If you’re struggling for that fun perfect gift for that special someone who is also a sauna enthusiast, end your fretting! We’ve got great ideas to check that friend or loved on off your list. Here are some great gifts for the sauna lover. Great Sauna Gift Idea #1—Sauna Seat Cover: A must have for sauna … Read More

Stumped for gifts? Here are some great ideas for hot tub lover

As Charlie Brown would say, “Good grief!” It’s almost mid-December, and you’re not done with your holiday shopping! Well, if you have a hot tub lover on your gift giving list, here are some terrific ideas we know they’ll love. Take a look! Hot Tub Gift Idea #1—A Spa Caddy: This handy table mounts easily to … Read More

New study reveals sauna benefits similar to exercise benefits

The University of Iowa* has been conducting an exhaustive study over the last several years related to sauna use. Some of their findings have recently been released, and show some encouraging new data on the benefits you can get from saunas. The main objective of the study: Can a sauna serve as a replacement for … Read More

Keep the critters away from your hot tub!

When the seasons change and the temperatures drop, there are critters in our world that seek out places that are dry and/or warm to camp out to endure fall and wintertime. The one place you DON’T want these lovely creatures to inhabit is your hot tub! Here are some notes that could keep your hot … Read More

Your hot tub is the perfect spot to view a Full Moon

One of the greatest delights of the fall and winter months is sitting out in the bubbly waters of your hot tub to take in the glorious glow of a Full Moon. This Sunday, on the 17th, is the perfect chance to seize the opportunity and enjoy just such an event. The Full Moon in … Read More

Are you a yoga lover? Try it in your swim spa

Yoga is mired in history and well known for all its health benefits. Did you know…? 30 million people worldwide practice yoga in one of its many iterations! Yoga is terrific to improve breathing, flexibility, and is a terrific way to relieve stress. If you own a swim spa, you might want to give aquatic … Read More

Not sleeping well?

If you have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone! A recent study published by the Huffington Post finds 9 million US adults use prescription sleep aids to help them get the quality rest they need. In addition to affecting your productivity and the way you feel, a lack of sleep can put you at a greater … Read More

Why Finnleo Infrared Saunas are the safest

There are a lot of infrared saunas out in the market today. It seems every time we turn around we see some random off brand of infrared room popping up, promising all kinds of health benefits. More and more studies are done on the benefits of infrared sauna use every year. However, if the room … Read More

Oregon Hot Tub offers the safest infrared saunas in the world!

Finnleo Infrared Saunas feature new patented CarbonFlex panels. These panels were developed over a number of years, and are now ready for consumers. The exciting feature of these panels: they are the safest infrared emitters available. These new panels have the lowest EMR & EF emissions available. In fact, they even exceed the strict Swedish … Read More

The easiest way to give yourself a makeover? Regular sauna use!

Like it or not, people are obsessed with the way they look, and the way others perceive them. It’s just one of those fallible parts of being a human being. During the recent years of recession, did you know that over $10 billion was spent each year on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery?? WOW! Billions … Read More

Have thyroid issues? Want to avoid them? No bromine in your hot tub, please!

Oregon Hot Tub has actively offered alternatives to using old school bromine in hot tubs for nearly 20 years. Advances in hot tub water care have offered options that ditch bromine floaters in favor of healthier alternatives. One of the reasons we’ve never been endorsers of bromine is the delivery system used for bromine in … Read More

Get over a winter cold faster with regular sauna use

Winter is here, and along with it cold and flu season.  You can do your body a big favor and make regular sauna use a part of your daily routine. It can help you combat those pesky viruses. There have been many studies that show regular sauna use is excellent for arthritis, asthma, and chronic … Read More

Make your dreams come true with a custom sauna designed for your home

It’s sauna month at Oregon Hot Tub! With the changing of the leaves and the crisper climate upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about enjoying a sauna in the comfort of your own home every night. Did you know that hot tub can design a custom sauna room for your home? Finnleo Saunas, the … Read More

Is the secret to perpetual youth…taking saunas?

Did you know how terrific sauna use is in producing healthy, glowing skin? Regular sauna use can help get rid of acne, dry flaky skin, open up clogged pores, and reduce wrinkles, blackheads and zits! Sitting in a sauna causes the blood vessels in the skin to dilate to accommodate the increased blood flow brought … Read More

Three ways to relax in grand style

Last month, we posted some options to allow folks in an apartment or a condo to treat themselves to relaxation and therapy Oregon Hot Tub style. We’ve got a lot of customers that are certainly on the other end of the spectrum, too! They have plenty of room to dedicate to a new area of … Read More

Time to get your hot tub ready for fall

With fall knocking on the door, it’s time to think about getting your hot tub ready for the coming cooler nights ahead. You owe it to yourself to get your tub prepped now so it serves you well! Here is our checklist of things to do to get ready for the season. Give your tub … Read More

Hot tub owner alert—Avoid buying hot tub parts online

With the advent of shopping on the Internet, it’s become much easier to buy just about anything you want for your life online. Many of our customers, however, are finding out that the grass is not always greener when trying to buy a part for their hot tub online. We get calls into our Service … Read More

The best view for Perseids meteor shower? Your hot tub & swim spa!

August is always a terrific summer month for enjoying outdoor activities. More often than not, we’re lucky enough in the Northwest to be able to count on plenty of star-filled nights and fewer gray days in August than any other month. One of the other things that make August special is the ability to take … Read More

Want to know the secret of Hot Spring Spas? It’s in the water!

August is National Water Quality month. As part of recognizing this month-long event, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to point out the hot tub that treats its owners to the cleanest most natural water for soaking: Hot Spring Spas. What’s the secret? Well, there aren’t really any secrets. Hot Spring over the … Read More

Infrared sauna benefits may be helpful with cardiovascular issues

Infrared sauna use can be good for your entire body, and studies show that it could have great benefits for your cardiovascular health. Many medical journals have reported on studies using infrared sauna therapy to address the symptoms of congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and more. The results of one such study were reported in the … Read More

Turn your swim spa into the family swimming pool for summer

One of the many advantages of a Hydropool Swim Spa is the ability to turn it into the family swimming pool for the summer months. It’s certainly big enough to double as the swimming pool for the kids, and will make for some terrific nighttime swims when the heat of the day starts to cool. … Read More

Incorporate your Big Green Egg into making the perfect fried chicken

Independence Day is just around the corner, and it’s very close to the day set aside as National Fried Chicken Day, July 6th. Why not celebrate both this year by using your Big Green Egg as a key secret ingredient to make stellar fried chicken no one will be able to resist? Start out by … Read More

Take your cleanse to a whole new level with an infrared sauna

A lot of individuals periodically try to rid their bodies of all the toxins we’re exposed to through our environment and diet with a cleanse. There are a number of different methods for cleansing your system. The most popular ones seem to revolve around combinations of water and fruit and vegetable juices, and range from … Read More

Swim Spas – The Perfect Low Impact Workout at Home – Swim Spas Sale Portland, OR

Swimming is the ultimate exercise. It provides the best of walking/jogging while protecting muscles and joints from impact injuries. According to physiologist Robert A. Robergs, swimming is a great choice for everyone. Even those who have medical issues that prohibit most other forms of exercise such as arthritis, sports injuries or back problems, are able to … Read More

SilkBalance in your hot tub will help combat dry summer skin

Summer time is one of the times of the year that your skin seems to be put under stress in ways it doesn’t usually have to cope with at other times of the year. Increased outdoor activities expose your skin to increased sweating, as well as extra exposure to UV rays. Heading outdoors into warmer … Read More

Need a gift idea for Dad’s Day? Here are Oregon Hot Tub’s top five

Dear ol’ Dad is celebrated this coming Sunday. I’m sure you have your Father’s Day gifts all picked out…right?? Well, in case you need some inspiration, Oregon Hot Tub offers up these top five gift ideas to make the guy in your life happy. A Big Green Egg. Well, duh. What guy doesn’t love the … Read More

Consider essential oils to enhance your traditional steam sauna bathing

There are a multitude of positive benefits from using a traditional steam sauna. If you want to take your enjoyment and health benefits to a new level when you take a sauna, give some essential oils a try. Not only will you enjoy the aromatic impact the oils will have on your olfactory senses, they’ll … Read More

Introducing the Gleam™—Hot Spring’s grandest hot tub of all

We at Oregon Hot Tub are excited! 2013 marks the introduction of a whole new Hot Spring Spa—the Gleam. This new tub, part of Hot Spring’s Limelight Collection, will make you the envy of your neighbors and help make your back yard the social hub. The Gleam is not for the small-minded. To wrap your … Read More

What’s the best burger to celebrate National Barbecue Month?

Oregon Hot Tub has just arrived at the phenomenon that is the Big Green Egg. We know there are a lot of you out there that are BIG Big Green Egg fans—and we’re right there with you! You may have seen that we’ve had the B.G.E. aficionado, Dr. BBQ, visiting our showrooms to share is … Read More

Kick off the start of summer Memorial Day weekend with a swim spa party

The days are getting longer…the temperature’s rising ever so slowly in the Northwest…and the unofficial start to summer is coming: Memorial Day weekend. Why not plan a fun party around your swim spa with friends and family to launch into the coming season? Here are some hints to plan the perfect swim spa party. Head … Read More

Every Mom would love our new Infinity Therapeutics Massage Chair!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and have we got the perfect gift for you! The gift of an indoor masseuse 365 days a year—what mother could resist? Oregon Hot Tub is pleased to announce we are now offering the Infinity Therapeutics Massage Chair. If you think you know what a massage chair is … Read More

A vegetarian option for your Big Green Egg

In case you haven’t heard, the Big Green Egg has arrived at Oregon Hot Tub! We’re excited to offer this incredibly innovative system for outdoor grilling and cooking. And…we know: the great thing about grilling is getting that meat cooked up with that terrific flavor only grilling provides. But, did you know that the Big … Read More

Which Spa Model Is For You? – Swim Spas Vancouver, WA, Hot Tub Sale

Spas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and models. Some have seating for 6 or 7 people and many powerful jets, others are small and intimate, while still others have entertainment features like wireless television and sound systems. How do you know which model is for you without having to get in each and … Read More

Use your swim spa for a military style workout

If you want to take your daily swim spa use to a whole new level, consider hitting the water hard with a military style workout! Here’s what we found at the Fitness Center on Each of these start out with 20-30 minutes of intense swimming exercises followed by another half hour of easy pace … Read More

Attention runners: Keep your feet healthy with hot tub use

Spring is here, and many runners are hitting the great outdoors for some good healthy runs. If you haven’t been on regular runs, your feet may cry “Help!” when you wrap up your outdoor jaunt. Here are some tips to keep your feet happy & healthy. Elevate. If your feet tend to swell during a … Read More

Infrared sauna use may help those with Autism

When you discover someone you love is affected by autism, it’s natural to do research and discover any way possible to help alleviate some of the issues those with autism encounter. Here’s some very good news: regular infrared sauna use may be helpful. One of the issues associated with autism is the buildup of heavy … Read More

Work towards a healthier heart with your hot tub, swim spa & sauna

Sunday, April 7th is World Health Day. This day marks the anniversary of the creation of the World Health Organization in 1948, and each year a theme is created to focus on different health concerns. 2013’s health focus is high blood pressure. Oregon Hot Tub is lucky enough to sell three different lines of products … Read More

Make a swim spa part of your triathlon training

Triathlon season is just around the corner. Conditioning your body to peak performance for each leg of your race is always a challenge and a reward. Consider making a swim spa part of your training for the big day. Using a swim spa will absolutely help you get the edge for the swim portion of … Read More

Jack’s First 30 Days of Infrared Sauna Use

I wanted to report back to everyone on my first full 30 days of non-stop use of my Finnleo Low EMR/EF Infrared Sauna. First off, I love it!!!  Secondly, my sauna sweat has become a daily routine that I cannot do without! Usually, I am in my sauna (each and every evening – no exception) for 40-45 minutes.  I … Read More

On National Proposal Day, why not propose in your hot tub?

March 20th is National Proposal Day. One of the reasons this day was chosen as Proposal Day is because of the Vernal Equinox, when the day is comprised of equal parts day and night. The equal measure of day and nighttime hours is said to be representative of the equal efforts required of two to … Read More

Time to ready your hot tub for spring!

Daylight Savings definitely signifies that spring is…well, springing! Aren’t you thrilled that the days are getting longer? It seems to put everyone in a good mood—gives you more time for a run, work in the garden, and time spent outdoors. Time to make sure your hot tub is ready for all the renewed outdoor activity! … Read More

Water aerobics for your swim spa

Lots of people invest in a swim spa for conditioning, recreation, and being able to recreate that swimming experience at home usually only found in a large swimming pool at a gym. However, there are terrific aerobic exercises perfectly suited to a swim spa. They’ll help you tone and condition your body without the need … Read More

Interesting trivia on traditional steam saunas

Since Oregon Hot Tub began offering its line of Finnleo Steam Saunas, it’s been interesting to explore the world of sauna. Americans are really quite new to the idea of daily at-home sauna use, but the Finns? Well, that’s another story altogether. Here are some interesting tidbits about traditional steam saunas that may pique your … Read More

Create a private swim spa oasis with the perfect plants

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about waking up and refreshing your back yard. If you have installed a swim spa in your back yard, or thinking of doing so this spring, one dilemma many face is how to achieve privacy around the spa. Privacy can certainly be achieved … Read More

A Hot Tub For Anti-Aging? Swim Spas Portland, OR Hot Tub Sale Oregon

The marketplace is flooded with products to combat the natural progression of aging. There are skin creams, vitamins, oils, even medical procedures that promise to reverse the signs of age. But let’s be serious. Aside from making a few healthy lifestyle choices through diet and exercise, there are no magic pills for looking ten years … Read More

Reduce soreness after workouts with a hot tub soak

Weren’t you just motivated when you made your New Year’s resolution to get in better shape just one short month ago? You hit the gym, worked out a new routine, maybe hired a personal trainer…and got up the next day after a good workout just sore. Here’s some encouraging news that will help you stay … Read More

Light therapy adds extra health boost to your sauna experience

Did you know…? Light therapy (also known as phototherapy or heliotherapy) is an alternative way to boost the health benefits of sauna use? Studies have shown that different colors of lighting can help the human body with a variety of health issues. From seasonal affective disorder (or SAD—common to many in the Northwest in the … Read More

Myth buster: Hot tubs are expensive to operate

When you write blog articles, sometimes you have to spend time poking around online for ideas of what to write about next. In my recent searching around online, I came across a disturbing response posted on a site called “The Simple Dollar”. The response was to a reader who posed a question regarding the energy … Read More

Resolutions for a New Year

Well…it’s New Year’s Eve. 2013 is just around the corner knocking on the door, and it’s time for that dreaded of traditions: making resolutions for the coming year! Here’s some interesting info regarding resolutions: It is estimated that 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% are successful in achieving them. BUT, here’s … Read More

A hot tub and hot cocoa on Christmas Eve

Many Americans will be celebrating Christmas Eve tonight. Gathering together with friends and family to reconnect, celebrate, and reflect on all that is good in the world. Everyone has their own traditions to celebrate the holidays. Have you thought of making your hot tub part of the night’s festivities? Here’s a new holiday tradition idea: … Read More

Get over a winter cold faster with regular sauna use

Winter is here, and along with it cold and flu season.  You can do your body a big favor and make regular sauna use a part of your daily routine. It can help you combat those pesky viruses. There have been many studies that show regular sauna use is excellent for arthritis, asthma, and chronic … Read More

Five Great Gifts for the Hot Tub Lover

Here are a few great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays for that special someone you know who simply can’t let a day go by without a dip in their hot tub. (And really, we simply can’t blame them!) A great umbrella. Nothing beats a spa umbrella for the times you want shelter from the … Read More

Five great gifts for the swim spa lover

Oregon Hot Tub made a great choice when we added TidalFit Swim Spas to our product offering this year. We’ve delivered a good number of swim spas, and our customers are loving them! If you know someone who owns a swim spa (or maybe just an avid swimmer), here are some great gift ideas for … Read More

Five great gift ideas for the sauna lover

That time of year is upon us…what are you going to give that special someone that seems to be so hard to find the perfect gift? Well, if you’ve got a sauna lover in your house, Oregon Hot Tub has ideas for you! Here are five great gifts for the sauna enthusiast: A new bucket & … Read More

Hot Tub Sale Bend, Hot Tubs Portland OR – Easing Pain- How a Hot Tub Can Help

Millions of Americans suffer every day with aches and pains. Whether it’s an old sports injury, chronic back pain or discomfort from arthritis, when we hurt, we’re often stopped in our tracks. Finding safe and effective pain relief is often a challenge, and many people suffer needlessly. Luckily, hot tub hydrotherapy- heat, massage and buoyancy- … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from Oregon Hot Tub

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends, family and take the time to re-connect with folks you may not get a chance to see much during the crazy days of your life. We’d like to offer up some extra ways to give thanks this coming Thursday. Ask a family member to write a unique … Read More

Hot Tub Sale Bend, Hot Tubs Portland OR – Easing Pain – How a Hot Tub Can Help

Millions of Americans suffer every day with aches and pains. Whether it’s an old sports injury, chronic back pain or discomfort from arthritis, when we hurt, we’re often stopped in our tracks. Finding safe and effective pain relief is often a challenge, and many people suffer needlessly. Luckily, hot tub hydrotherapy- heat, massage and buoyancy- … Read More

Start your sleep with a hot tub as part of National Sleep Comfort Month

November is National Sleep Comfort Month. Millions of Americans have difficulty disconnecting from daily life enough to get a good night’s sleep. Here are Oregon Hot Tub’s recommendations for a routine to get yourself off to slumberland and experience a sleep session that will help you wake well rested and refreshed. One hour before bed, … Read More

Want additional post-workout benefits? Add a sauna session

Regular sauna use after working out has been found to increase the benefits of your gym session! Harvard Medical School reported several benefits to a sauna session after a workout. Sauna use after a workout routine increases blood flow as muscles relax. For each minute you’re in a sauna, the heart nearly doubles the amount … Read More

Combat winter’s dry skin with SilkBalance for your hot tub

Fall is here, and winter is just around the corner. It used to be that if you wanted to enjoy your hot tub through the chilly months, you had to also make sure to restore the moisture lost in a hot tub soak from your skin. Well, the good news is this: converting your tub … Read More

Infrared sauna use can help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue System affects at least 4 million people in North America. Chronic fatigue is determined by a doctor. Usually, the symptoms include unexplained persistent headaches, impairment of short term memory and concentration, muscle pain and joint pain, sufficient sleep that doesn’t result in feeling refreshed, and malaise from exertion that doesn’t subside after adequate rest. Sore throat and … Read More

Clear up cloudy hot tub water before a soak…here’s how

One of the #1 issues many hot tub users seem to experience over time is cloudy hot tub water. Since you should only soak in water that’s crystal clear, we’re here to offer some solutions to get your hot tub water clarity back in tip top shape. Check your filters! Many people seem to think … Read More

Visiting Holland? Check out the Hot Tub Tugboat!

Last month we told you about the Hot Tub Cinema in London, which we thought was quite fun and innovative. Now, the folks in Holland have come up with another fascinating take on the hot tub—the Hot Tub Tugboat. Dutchman Frank de Bruijn designed a tugboat that has been equipped as a floating hot tub … Read More

Enjoy Astronomy Day from your hot tub!

Astronomy Day is right around the corner, on Saturday, October 20th. Stargazing is always a terrific thing to do…especially from the peace and quiet of your own hot tub! This year, Astronomy Day coincides with the Orionids Meteor Shower. While not quite the same show the Perseids Meteor Shower produces in August, a fall night … Read More

Want to build your hot tub into a deck? Take note of these tips!

A lot of folks like the idea of a hot tub—but don’t like the idea of a box of water sitting free standing in their lovely backyard. We get it, but you absolutely want to make sure you set yourself up for the best ownership experience long term if you build your hot tub in … Read More

Tips to keep your sauna in tip top shape

When you own a sauna, it’s easy to hop in and have a great session every day. But, it’s also quite easy to let the little bit of maintenance you should do slide down the “to do” list to the bottom. While there’s not much to taking care of a sauna, keep in mind the … Read More

Hot Tubs Portland Oregon, Hot Tubs Portland OR – 3 Tricks For Looking Younger

Since the beginning of time, people have been looking for the secret to perpetual youth. And as the anti-aging cosmetics industry grows by leaps and bounds every year, it’s a pretty safe bet that folks are actively seeking solutions. While there are no magic bullets, it is possible to look younger, healthier and refreshed in … Read More

Three great exercise ideas for your swim spa

Swim spas are great for regular swim routines, but they can also be effective for other methods of exercising your body in water. Here are three workout suggestions for your swim spa! Dumbbell Water Extensions—Take two dumbbell water weights into the swim spa and retreat to the deep end of the pool. With the jets … Read More

Take a hot tub & watch a movie, London style

Young Londoners always seem to find ways to have a good time that’s unique and trendy. Brits have always been known to enjoy great cinema, and they’ve discovered the bliss of enjoying a good hot tub soak. Well…why not combine the two? That’s what Londoner Asher Charman decided to do, and the Hot Tub Cinema … Read More

Get your hot tub ready for fall with these five important tips

Well…we know it. We’ve enjoyed more daylight hours and a few (!) days we could truly consider “summer” days. But, time marches on and fall is just around the corner. Is your hot tub ready for the coming months? Take our advice and do the following to get your tub primed and ready for the … Read More

Love your gold jewelry? Please remove it when hot tubbing!

Jewelers are, in my opinion, so very lucky. Time may march on, traditions may change, technological advances continue to emerge…but it seems humans will always have an enduring love affair with jewelry. If you don’t want anything to ruin that jewelry love affair, do your precious baubles a favor and take them off when you … Read More

Buyer beware: a hot tub from craigslist may not be a good idea

We see this scenario all the time: A customer comes into one of our stores who got a “great deal” on a hot tub from craigslist. Now they need a new cover, all their water care products, a pump broke and they need a new one…the list goes on. Suddenly the “great deal” they purchased … Read More

Five reasons to use salt water in your hot tub

It’s hard to believe that Hot Spring introduced its exciting ACE Salt Water System three years ago! Boy, has it taken the industry by storm! Customers love the ease and added enjoyment of salt water in their hot tub. If you’re ready for a new tub, here are five good reasons to add an ACE … Read More

Enhance your hot tub soak & sauna session with aromatherapy

There’s a terrific way to help your body escape and relax even more when you hop in your hot tub or sauna. Enhancing the experience with aromatherapy adds a new dimension to your regular hot tub or sauna routine, allowing your mind to let go of the stress of the day. The key with aromatherapy … Read More

One of the best August hot tub treats—The Perseids Meteor Shower

August may not necessarily be a big hot tub month for most—after all, it’s the one time of the year in the Northwest we’re more than likely guaranteed to have some hot summer days! BUT—nothing is better than experiencing the Perseids meteor shower from the peaceful retreat of your hot tub. This is the one time … Read More

Olympic divers credit hot tubs for better diving.

Olympians are among the most elite athletes in the world. So it’s no surprise that they will utilize the most effective means necessary to compete at the highest level possible. One of those means is a hot tub. In a recent Washington Post article, former Rutgers University diver David Feigley (now a sports psychologist) shared … Read More

Remodeling a bathroom? Add a custom sauna

One of the exciting options for more homeowners remodeling a bathroom is the addition of a sauna to their home. Gone are the days when a jetted tub is a top option for a bathroom update; instead, having a custom sauna retreat is rapidly rising to the top of the list. When you have a … Read More

Ready for a swim spa? Choose the right size

Congratulations! You’ve decided to invest in a swim spa. Now the question is: what size should I buy? This is one of the things many swim spa owners wish they would have asked themselves before purchasing. It’s not all about the space you have available…did you realize the size of swim spa you buy is … Read More

Five more of the top ten reasons for a new hot tub!

Our previous blog article listed five of the top ten reasons customers choose to upgrade to a new Hot Spring Spa from an old hot tub. Here are yet five more top motivators for customers to plunge into a new Hot Spring. Our July Trade-In Event is the perfect time to act! The next five: … Read More

Five of the top ten reasons for a new hot tub!

You love your hot tub…you’ve had it for years…so why trade it in and get a new one? We hear this often. The truth: once a happy hot tub owner gets a new Hot Spring Spa, they’re over the moon at the terrific new features available on our terrific tubs. Here are the first five … Read More

Oregon Hot Tub now offers the safest infrared saunas in the world!

Terrific news for sauna enthusiasts! July 1st marks the beginning of a new relationship for Oregon Hot Tub with Finnleo® Saunas—the world’s top selling sauna brand. After a number of years selling Helo Saunas, Finnleo’s sister brand, we are now offering traditional steam & infrared saunas from the premier sauna brand in the industry. Why … Read More

Make the hot tub & swim spa part of 4th of July festivities

Hard to believe it, but Independence Day is just around the corner! While you might choose to celebrate on the weekend before the 4th (since it’s on Wednesday this year), we think you should definitely choose to add hot tubbing or swimming in your swim spa along with the outdoor games, barbecue, and time with … Read More

Protect yourself this summer when using your swim spa

Did you know…? There are more reports of new cases of skin cancer each year now than the total number of new cases of breast & lung cancer combined! Melanoma is now the second most common cancer among those between the ages of 15 & 29. As you use your swim spa in the summer … Read More

Soaking in Hot Tubs with Salt – Good For Your Skin, Aids Healing

Oregon Hot Tub is fortunate to have two different water care systems that utilize salt as part of the sanitizing and soaking experience. Our ACE Salt Water System has revolutionized hot tub water care—really one of the best innovations in hot tubs in over a decade. Our SilkBalance Natural Water Care features sea salt as part of … Read More

These days, you can hot tub anywhere. Seriously!

Everyone, it seems loves to hot tub. It’s fascinating to see how human beings get inspired to take something like hot tubs to non-traditional heights. Consider the following new hot tub crazes…including two right here in the Northwest! Swiss hot tubbing. There is a hot tub club known as l’Association Jaccuzzi who strive to take hot … Read More

New Hot Tub Jets for 2012 in Hot Spring Spas Great for Fibromyalgia

There have been many Oregon Hot Tub customers who have purchased a Hot Spring Spa to help alleviate their fibromyalgia pain. It’s well known that immersion in hot water helps relieve much of the sensitivity and achy joints related to fibromyalgia. One thing that many have wished for was the ability to have greater control … Read More

Chronic heart condition? Study suggests saunas may help

A study performed at the University of Toyama in Japan reported on by New Scientist, a British science magazine, suggests that sauna use may help those with chronic heart failure. Forty-one participants suffering with chronic heart failure were asked to bathe in a sauna for fifteen minutes five days a week. Once the sauna session … Read More

Want healthy hot tub & swim spa water? Clean filters are key!

Here’s a startling statistic: many hot tub owners don’t clean or replace the filters in their tub or swim spas at all!! We’re a bit mystified by this, especially since one of the main elements that keep your hot tub & swim spa water clean, clear and healthy is (guest what?!) clean filters! Filters are … Read More

The truth about UV-C Sanitizing for Hot Tubs

Hot tub manufacturers are always looking for easier ways to sanitize water. Thankfully for Oregon Hot Tub, the manufacturer of Hot Spring Spas is the leader in bringing new hot water sanitizing technology to market in ways that make it safe and easy to have crystal clear hot tub water. Several years ago, after years … Read More

Health alert: Remove contact lenses before Hot Tub, Swim Spa & Sauna use

The next time you get ready to enjoy a relaxing session in your hot tub, swim spa or sauna, we recommend contact lens wearers remove them prior to hopping in. Why? The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has recommended that all contact lenses avoid exposure to any form of water. There is an organism present … Read More

Here are even MORE health benefits when using a Swim Spa

In a previous article, we covered some of the health benefits of using a swim spa: improved cardiovascular health, weight management, better cholesterol levels, stress reduction and living longer. Here are another five potential benefits of owning a swim spa and making swimming part of your healthy living. Safe exercising for overweight & arthritis. Having … Read More

Cleansing Water Therapy – by Guest Blogger Joshua Green

Springtime is associated with new beginnings. The energy of the season is vigorous and dynamic, therefore bringing about conditions favorable for profound growth. While winter was a time for conservation and hibernation, spring is a time of renewal, regeneration, and revival as is witnessed all throughout nature. During this time, the seasonal energy tends to move up and out. … Read More

Owning a swim spa is healthy…Let’s count the ways

If you have thought of owning a swim spa, you’re on the right track. Being able to swim daily in the privacy of your own backyard provides numerous health benefits. Here are just a few of the top health benefits. Improved cardiovascular health. Any physical activity is good for your heart. Swimming is yet another … Read More

Top five reasons to choose a swim spa over a swimming pool

Top five reasons to choose a swim spa over a swimming pool

So many people love to swim, and there’s certainly plenty of evidence that regular swimming is good for you. How do you get the benefit of swimming year round at home in an economic way? The answer: a swim spa. There are a number of reasons people choose to install swim spas over a swimming … Read More

Tell me…what is a swim spa?

Tell me…what is a swim spa?

Americans have embraced the concept of swimming and using hot tubs for decades. It is widely recognized that both swimming and hot tub soaks are both ways to improve your health and overall sense of well being. With the popularity of swimming and hot tub use, the advent of a hybrid that combined the benefits … Read More

Hot Tubs Beaverton, Bend, Camas – Can a Hot Tub Really Improve Your Relationship?

From dating books to in-laws, someone is always offering advice on how to improve our relationships. It’s dangerous territory, but an area that hardly anyone has all figured out. Whether you choose to seek professional help or navigate the waters of your relationship on your own, someone has probably already been there. Luckily, sometimes these … Read More

Attention health providers—add an infrared sauna to your practice!

Many health providers have discovered a terrific new way to service their patients and clients while improving their bottom line. The answer? Portable infrared saunas. For a massage therapist, adding an infrared sauna to your practice is a no-brainer. Your client can enjoy a 20-minute session in the infrared sauna prior to a rub. This … Read More

Kids want a pool? Try a swim spa instead

Spring & summer are just around the corner. Ever get those whiny questions from kids about having a swimming pool at home…? Maybe the answer is a swim spa!  Installing a swim spa gives you the best of all worlds. You get the benefit of a big body of water installed in your backyard for … Read More

Celebrate American Heart Month in a hot tub or infrared sauna

February is American Heart Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. In fact, one in every three deaths is attributed to heart disease and stroke—equal to 2,200 deaths per day. There are a lot of known ways to keeping yourself heart … Read More

Introducing Hot Spring’s new hot tub for 2012: The Bolt

Hot Spring Spas began 35 years ago in 1977. Their goal at the time was simple: create the most energy efficient portable hot tub that would provide terrific hydrotherapy—and do it all with 110V power. This year, Hot Spring introduces a new tub in its Limelight© Collection that honors its heritage—the Bolt™. We’re really excited … Read More

The swim spa—excellent body fat burner for women

It’s no accident whatsoever that female Olympic swimmers have such lithe sculpted bodies with little body fat. The answer, of course (in addition to eating smart) is the exercising and conditioning done in the water. A swim spa at home can give women the perfect opportunity to exercise daily in the comfort of your backyard, … Read More

The makers of Hot Spring Spas purchases Freeflow Spas

Oregon Hot Tub made a change in our hot tub offering nearly four years ago when we partnered with Freeflow Spas. This was a big change for our company—prior to this we had carried only one brand of hot tubs for decades: the family of Hot Spring Spas made by Watkins Manufacturing.  Our goal when … Read More

A hot tub or sauna satisfies the “quest for quiet”

Well, this is certainly a sign of the times. People are starting to search out ways to disconnect and find peace and quiet for their lives.  At the end of December, The New York Times published an article in their Opinion Pages by Pico Iyer. In his article, he recounted some of the ways people are … Read More

Swim Spas Aid in Injury Recovery

One of the benefits of owning a swim spa is the ability to better recover from certain injuries. Many physical therapists can help develop an aquatic therapy to assist with a variety of issues, including arthritis and healing from fractured bones. It can also allow an individual with weight challenges to exercise with less stress … Read More

How do I take a sauna? Answers to commonly asked questions

While there are more and more Americans discovering the desire to own and enjoy a sauna at home every day, many are still unfamiliar with the best way to use a sauna to get maximum health and relaxation benefits. Here are some answers to common questions we’re asked about regular sauna use. How hot should … Read More

When the migraine comes, use your hot tub

If you’re like me, those signals that a full-on migraine is on the way are never welcome. The next time you feel the start of a migraine attack, consider using your hot tub in conjunction with cold therapy. Some studies suggest you can overcome a migraine more quickly by intermittent hot and cold therapy. What … Read More

Top 5 reasons to own a swim spa

With the introduction of TidalFit Swim Spas to our lineup of products at Oregon Hot Tub, we thought we’d give you five top reasons why getting a swim spa is a great idea: You’ll be healthier. With a swim spa at home, you’ll be able to take advantage of a swim daily. Swimming is good … Read More

Celebrate Christmas Eve the Finnish way…in the sauna

For the Finns, much of the Yuletide celebration takes place not on Christmas Day itself, but instead on December 24th, Christmas Eve. In Turku, which is the former capital of Finland, noon on Christmas Eve signifies the beginning of a 20 day period known as “Christmas Peace”. This declaration dates back to the 13th century, … Read More

Top Gift Ideas for the Hot Tub Lover

Everybody always wracks their brains at this time of year to figure out the perfect present to give that special person in your life for the holidays. Well, Oregon Hot Tub is here to help! Here are our top suggestions of the best gifts for the hot tub lover in your family. Plastic Drink Ware—Our … Read More

Is the secret to perpetual youth…taking saunas?

Believe it or not, November 30th is known as Perpetual Youth Day. Why? It happens to be the birthday of America’s oldest teenager, Dick Clark. This year marks Dick’s 82nd birthday. Everyone marvels at how youthful Dick appeared for years. While we all can’t hope to inherit Mr. Clark’s incredible genes and somehow tap into … Read More

Visit Vantaa for a First Class Sauna Experience

If you ever plan a trip to Finland, here’s a terrific way to spend part of your stay. The Flamingo Spa in Vantaa offers a terrific way to spend an afternoon or a full day! Vantaa is about 12 miles outside of Helsinki. Not only can you enjoy multiple sauna experiences, there’s a water park … Read More

Apparently, even bears love hot tubs!

Even bears need to relax. In June this year, a woman in Longwood, Florida had her TV watching interrupted when she discovered a black bear who decided to take a dip in her hot tub! The hot tub was attached to Jenny Rhoades’s swimming pool, surrounded by a screen barrier. When the bear discovered the … Read More

Hot tub soaking and Type 2 Diabetes

  November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. To mark the occasion, we thought it would be timely to remind readers of a hot tub study done to document the positive effects for those with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitis. In 1999 The New England Journal of Medicine published a report on the results of a study … Read More

Fight the cold & flu season with regular sauna bathing.

  We’re definitely in the depths of the cold and flu season in November. You can probably travel through your day now and find someone sneezing, coughing, and sniffling…yikes! How do you guard against succumbing to the throes of your own flu or cold dilemma?? One surefire way to boost your body’s natural cold and … Read More

Take a hot tub soak or a sauna in pursuit of happiness

This week is National Pursuit of Happiness Week. Do you know how truly American the concept of the pursuit of happiness is? It’s said that the phrase “pursuit of happiness” is the most popular phrase in the Declaration of Independence. Coined by Thomas Jefferson, this key phrase altered an earlier term used by the British … Read More

Reset your body clock for Daylight Savings Time with a hot tub soak

This Sunday morning at 2 a.m. it will be time to “fall back” one hour, signaling the resetting of our clocks till it’s time for Daylight Savings to begin anew in the Spring of 2012. Did you know…? Benjamin Franklin was actually one of the earliest proponents of the concept of Daylight Savings Time. According … Read More

Moved to a new home with a hot tub? We can help!

It’s always exciting to move into a new home, settle in and establish a new routine. This time, you are particularly excited because there’s a hot tub in the backyard! But—the dilemma here is you’ve used hot tubs, but never owned one of your own. What to do? Here’s a list of things to do … Read More

Eight reasons you should be ready for a traditional steam sauna

  Sometimes the simplest reason you should think about having your own personal steam sauna at home is that it’s good for you! With our entire line of portable Helo Saunas, as well as our ability to create a custom cut sauna for your home, it’s easier than ever to create your own sauna paradise, … Read More

Get your hot tub ready for Fall

Yes, it’s true—Fall is here. While some think this is the time to shut down their hot tub, we think it’s absolutely the best time to use it! Nothing is better on crisp cool (or rainy) nights than trotting out to the tub for a luxurious soak that will heat you up and keep you … Read More

Public hot tubs & saunas? Look before you leap!

When you’re on vacation or hitting the gym, it’s such a great payoff to be able to hop into a hot tub or sauna as part of your reward. The key: make sure the tub or sauna you’re enjoying is safe and sanitary. Otherwise, you could be inviting trouble you don’t necessarily want! If you’re … Read More

Find the perfect hot tub with a test soak

We know that one of the best investments you can make in your health is owning a hot tub. More and more studies emerge each year on the terrific benefits soaking regularly in a hot tub provide. But, how do you make sure you get the right tub for you? There is a lot of … Read More

How about a sauna…for socializing??

We should all take a page from the Finn’s book, and use the sauna for more than just a good sweat. How about using it as a place to socialize? Last December The Wall Street Journal published an article about the rising popularity of installing saunas at home. One of the more interesting aspects of … Read More

The age old hot tub debate: chlorine vs. bromine

  We’ve become a bit spoiled at Oregon Hot Tub. We’re very fortunate that we have Hot Spring Spas, and have the ability to offer our customers more than one option to get them into virtually chlorine free water. The introduction of both SilkBalance and Hot Spring’s revolutionary ACE Salt Water System afford our customers … Read More

Big Box Stores Are Not For Hot Tubs

When you’re in the market for a hot tub, you’ve got to look deeper than price. Buying from a company that can give you long term service and support is absolutely essential. So…you’re strolling through the aisles of your favorite big box store, getting ready to buy your year’s supply of toilet paper—and lo and … Read More

Two great ways to celebrate National Skin Care Awareness Month

September is recognized as National Skin Care Awareness Month, and Oregon Hot Tub has two of the perfect ways to take better care of your skin—our fantastic SilkBalance and our Helo Saunas. SilkBalance is really one of the best things to come around for treating your hot tub water. Its proprietary formula keeps your hot … Read More

In a bad mood? Soak in your hot tub

Hey, we’ve all been there. You get up in the morning, and you’re just not quite ready to face the day. Or…something happens and just puts you off your game for the rest of the night. The next time you feel a dark mood coming on…get thee to your hot tub! There’s a very good … Read More

Take a moment this Sunday to Remember

This coming Sunday marks the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, 2001—a date none of us should ever forget. I always find it hard to term dates like this as an “anniversary”. It tends to be the way most refer to the date, but it seems more appropriate to instead define it as the 10th “remembrance”. … Read More

Hot tubs can aid in knee replacement surgery recovery

  With World Physical Therapy Day fast approaching September 8th, we thought we’d take a moment to mention the benefits of using a hot tub for recovery after knee replacement surgery. In 2007, the Hot Tub Council provided funds to the Foundation for Physical Therapy to conduct a study on the benefits of utilizing warm … Read More

The new Hot Spot Rhythm is here!

Hot Spring has enjoyed great success over the last two years with the refreshing of its entire Hot Spot Spa line up. Introduced in 2010, it achieved such amazing success it earned the manufacturer an award from its parent company, MASCO. One thing both consumers and fellow Hot Spring dealers wanted in this re-imagined line … Read More

Love hot tubs? How about a hot tub…HAT??

Okay…so, I guess we hadn’t seen it all yet. A Japanese company called the Hair Doctor offers a product called the Hot Cap. (I have to say, if nothing else, I love the pictures advertising the product!) For the low cost of a little over 9,200 yen (about $108.00), you can purchase the hat, which … Read More

Creating hot tub privacy

After doing this for as many years as we have, Oregon Hot Tub is well aware that most passersby and neighbors just aren’t interested in seeing you in your hot tub. Be that as it may, human nature and conditioning makes us modest beings, and a lot of us want to be sure the world … Read More

Should I Choose a Traditional or Infrared Sauna? Why not get…both!?

  We regularly run into customers who are shopping for a sauna, and quickly get mystified by choosing between a traditional steam model and an infrared model. There are a lot of different questions you can ask yourself: If I go on vacation, do I like the hot tropical destinations, or the dry desert spots? … Read More

Fairs are for elephant ears & roller coasters…NOT hot tub purchases!

A friend of mine who works in the hot tub industry once made a comment after working the local fair for another hot tub company. His observation: “Look, we want everyone to go to the fair—it’s great fun. It’s a great place to pig out on cotton candy, Kettle Korn, elephant ears, ride the merry-go-round … Read More

View the Perseids Meteor Shower from your Hot Tub

August brings one of the best night sky shows for astronomy enthusiasts: the viewing of the Perseids meteor shower. What better way to spot those bright lights in the heavens than from your hot tub? While the meteors originate from the constellation Perseus the Hero, you certainly don’t need to know the location of the … Read More

Hot tubbing with the kids!

  Spending family bonding time in the hot tub can be terrific. After all, how many places can you retreat to nowadays that isn’t filled with techno distractions? Depending on the age of the kids in the tub, it’s also important to bear a few things in mind to make sure the tubbing is worry-free … Read More

Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water—Naturally!

Hot tubs are a great source of fun and relaxation—until the water doesn’t look quite the way it should. Number one rule to healthy hot tub use: don’t soak in cloudy hot tub water. Cloudiness develops in hot tub water for a number of reasons—lack of sanitizer, pH levels out of balance, introduction of body … Read More

Infrared Saunas—the Key to New Income?

Massage therapists and chiropractors are discovering a secret to helping their patients experience improved results from their visits by adding an infrared sauna to their practice. Infrared saunas take up little room and set up within minutes. Since smaller models operate on a standard 110V outlet, there’s no special wiring for installation. Our most popular … Read More

Hot Tub Royalty—the Hot Spring Sovereign

Few hot tubs in the entire hot tub industry have enjoyed a rich successful history as one of the most sold hot tub models ever. This month we celebrate with the Hot Spring Sovereign as our Spa of the Month. Hot Spring was enjoying great success in the late ‘70s with the introduction of its … Read More

The Full Thunder Moon is Calling You to Your Hot Tub!

This is the week to soak in your hot tub and experience July’s full moon. In the west, it will officially peak July 14th at 11:38 p.m.—the perfect time for a summer soak! Did you know…each full moon of the year has a name? July’s full moon is called Full Thunder Moon. (And no…that’s not … Read More

Lonnie celebrates 21 YEARS with OHT!

It’s amazing how quickly 21 years can fly by – and how much you can achieve during that time. Lonnie McCann, our Senior Service Technician knows a bit about that as he celebrated 21 years with Oregon Hot Tub last week. Lonnie began his career with Oregon Hot Tub as a part time temp. During … Read More

Dean celebrates 11 years with OHT

Recently, our own Dean Thurston, celebrated 11 great years at Oregon Hot Tub. We are both honored and fortunate to have such a dedicated, respected and hard working member of our team. Many of you know Dean already through your interactions with him in the Beaverton showroom, but here is a little background on Dean … Read More

Why Buying a Sauna from a Local Company is the Right Answer

  So…you’ve decided to buy a sauna. You’ve checked them out online, and think, “Okay, I’ll head down to the local home show/garden show/fair and buy one.” With summer comes a lot of fairs, and many of them rent booth space out to folks selling saunas. Before you plunk down a chunk of money at … Read More

Need a Good Night’s Sleep? Hot Tub Before Bed

According the National Sleep Foundation, 30-40% of adult Americans suffer from some type of insomnia over the course of a year, with 10-15% experiencing chronic sleep issues. That means over 130 million Americans have sleep issues—more than any other country worldwide! (Talk about the WRONG kind of overachieving!) The next time you’re having a run … Read More

Ready for a Healthy Glow? Take a Sauna

  It’s staggering how much money is spent every year to cover up blemishes and other imperfections of the skin. Estimates regularly place the number of dollars spent annually at over 10 billion dollars! Here’s a surefire way to help heal your skin, heal wounds faster, and give it that healthy youthful glow: take a … Read More

Hot Tub & Sauna Solutions for Tight Spaces

  So many folks out there live in apartments or condos think enjoying a hot tub or sauna is simply not in the cards. Not so! Oregon Hot Tub has a couple of terrific options that allow relaxation and therapy in tight spaces. If you’re a sauna lover, consider the Helo B-100 infrared sauna. Infrared … Read More

The Grandee — Go big AND go home!

If it’s time for a hot tub, do yourself a favor and check out the tub that also has a home at the White House—the Hot Spring Grandee. The Grandee is by far one of the best-selling large hot tubs in America. Why? It is loaded with the fantastic things you should have in a … Read More

New Research Study on Hot Tub Benefits Based in the NW

  There is an exciting study underway providing updated information on the benefits of hot tub soaking—and it’s rooted right here in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Bruce Becker is a research professor and director of the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University. Dr. Becker also conducts aquatic therapy studies for the … Read More

5 Terrific Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we’ve got some terrific ideas on the perfect gift for the special guy in your life. Here are our top five: Wireless Music System Guys love music, and they love music while they soak in their hot tubs. Our Wireless Music System delivers music, and does it in … Read More

Salt Water Hot Tub receives Masco’s “Innovation of the Year Award”

Oregon Hot Tub is pleased to announce that Watkins—the company that manufacturers our line of Hot Spring Spas—was awarded the highest honor bestowed by its parent company, Masco. The Innovation of the Year award is given annually by Masco to only one of its 39 companies. This honor is recognition of the business unit that … Read More

Hot Tub Exercising is Great for Arthritis

  For those living with arthritis, a terrific way to get relief and help out those joints is to exercise in your hot tub. According to the Arthritis Foundation, stretching and exercising in your hot tub can be the perfect way to relieve aches and stiffness related to arthritis. By doing exercises in hot water, … Read More

Start summer this weekend with a Hot Spring Spa

Summer is just around the corner…rejoice! Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to the long, lazy days of summer. Relaxing in your backyard, enjoying the hard work gardening and sprucing things up, barbecuing and having friends over…it’s all coming in the days and weeks ahead. Make a Hot Spring Spa part of your summer … Read More

Find Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome by Hot Tubbing

  More and more people are discovering they suffer from a condition which is more common than originally thought: Restless Leg Syndrome. Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is described as a strong urge to move your legs repeatedly. Some sufferers describe it as uneasiness felt deep inside the legs, and the need to move them is … Read More

Silk Balance – Easy hot tub water care

It’s time for you to simplify your water care. It’s time for SilkBalance. If you’ve not heard about SilkBalance yet, you’re really missing out! SilkBalance enjoyed years of success as a water balancing product in Europe before its arrival in the U.S. There really hasn’t been anything that has changed the face of traditional water … Read More

Endurance Athletes – Improve Your Time with a Sauna

  If you’re a swimmer, triathlete, cyclist, or marathon runner, here’s a great way to increase your performance times—take a sauna. In 2007, New Zealand’s University of Otago performed a study tied to sauna use after a 5k run. The study, performed by their sports scientists, involved six male runners who trained six to seven … Read More

Setting Up A Hot Tub is Easier Than You May Think!

Many people think once they decide to get a hot tub the work is just beginning. The truth is, if you’re buying a small or mid-sized hot tub, the brands Oregon Hot Tub ( sell are incredibly easy to set up. You can usually have your tub delivered and be soaking the very next day! … Read More

Regular Hot Tub Use Relieves Fibromyalgia

Today, May 12 is National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. More studies emerge month after month about the wonderful therapeutic benefits of regular soaking in a hot tub. Many sites about reducing the physical complaints of those dealing with fibromyalgia site that hot tub soaking may help. Fibromyalgia is described as widespread pain, usually involving 18 key … Read More

Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check with Hot Tub Soaks

Yes, hot tubs are fun, a treat, an escape…but they do have a myriad of terrific health benefits as well. One benefit of regular hot tub soaking can be keeping your blood pressure in check. While no one but your doctor should instruct you on what to do if your blood pressure is above healthy … Read More

5 Tips to Healthy Water

Hurray, it’s May! Hopefully most of the cold wet days we’ve been experiencing (to such a huge degree!) are behind us now. If you’ve been discouraged to head out to your hot tub for that healthy morning or evening soak, now’s the time to get back in the habit. It will certainly improve your mood … Read More

Bikram Yoga Lovers – Have a Sauna at Home!

Bikram Yoga lovers—install your own sauna at home! It’s been around since the ‘70’s, but Bikram Yoga seems to be experiencing a surge of popularity. Bikram Yoga requires a room heated to 105 plus degrees with a decent amount of humidity to aid in getting the most benefit out of the 90 minutes a session … Read More

Quick n’ Easy with Freeflow

A Freeflow Spa gets you in hot water in no time! So, here’s the thing: sometimes you just want a quick, easy, inexpensive way to enjoy a hot tub at home every night of the week. What’s the easiest way to do that? With a Freeflow Spa from Oregon Hot Tub. Freeflow Spas are ultra … Read More

Spice Up Your Soak with Smelly Stuff

Heighten your hot tub soak with aromatherapy We all know that soaking in a hot tub makes you feel good, but have you ever given much thought to making your soak smell good? Olfaction is the official term we know as our sense of smell. You can certainly increase your olfactory pleasure while soaking in … Read More

Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by…soaking in a hot tub! Friday, April 22nd is the day set aside in 2011 to celebrate Earth Day, meant to heighten awareness of the gift of our planet’s natural environment. Founded in 1970 in the U.S., Earth Day has grown into a globally recognized date, now celebrated in … Read More

Energy Efficiency in a Hot Spring Spa

The ultra energy efficient Hot Spring Spa   As we gear up for Earth Day this week, which is a day designated to highlight our world and ways we can conserve its gifts to us, I came across a stunning statistic on electrical consumption for hot tubs, according to Valley Electrical Association, Inc., based in … Read More

Another Consumer’s Digest BEST BUY!

The Hot Spring Spas Aria—Best Buy for a 2nd time! Hot Spring Spas has had the good fortune of receiving a Best Buy from Consumers Digest every single time they’ve conducted a study on hot tubs. The first award was given in 1986 to the Home Spa (the current day Prodigy model). The Aria has … Read More

Diabetes and Hot Tubs

Have Type 2 Diabetes? Try a hot tub to reduce insulin dosages.   There have been many studies over the decades that advocate hot water therapy to relieve symptoms and improve overall sense of well being. Many with Type 2 Diabetes still are unaware that regular soaks in a hot tub can reduce the need … Read More

Spring Spruce Up!

Spruce up your tub for spring! Time to shake off the last throes of winter, and get your tub in tip-top shape for lighter, brighter days ahead! We at Oregon Hot Tub have all the items you need to breathe fresh life back into your tub as you spruce it up. New Filters —Nothing gets … Read More

Hot Tub and Sauna Chromatherapy

When taking a sauna & hot tub soaking—the light show is good for you Travel back in history about 2,500 years. You’d discover something fascinating—colored light therapy was being used to aid in healing in ancient civilizations in China, Egypt & India. Color halls were created by Pythagoras for healing. In fact, in Egypt practitioners … Read More

Kids Love Hot Tubs

Proof that kids love hot tubs Sometimes you just don’t need to look any farther than your kids to figure out why having a hot tub is a great idea! Take a look at this video of Jared, a 10-year old presenting a Powerpoint presentation (!) on his Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Love Hot … Read More

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Updates

The exclusive ACE salt water sanitizing system has proven to be a major game changer in 2010. The following improvements make it even easier for you to be successful with the ACE system in 2011! Updated Low Salt System Status Message When scale accumulates on the ACE cell, due to calcium hardness in the water, … Read More

Diamonds Are A Hot Tub’s Best Friend

But don’t take our word for it.. We’ve been telling you for quite some time about how amazing the new ACE Salt System is – but instead of continuing to listen to us, read what Mary Louise and Dean had to say about their recent experience with ACE: “Anyone out there thinking about buying a … Read More

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Facts

Chlorine-based salt water sanitizing systems have been in use in the pool and hot tub market for over 30 years. Traditional chlorine-generating sanitizing systems use titanium electrodes capable only of producing chlorine. Along with two titanium electrodes, the ACE system uses a unique solid diamond electrode that generates high energy Active Oxygen from water. The … Read More

Hot Tub Water Care Tips

In addition to winterizing your hot tub, make sure you keep your water in good condition as well. Routine checks of your water’s pH and alkalinity levels are crucial to your hot tub’s life. If the pH level is too high, it can cause the water to begin forming deposits and stain your tub. If … Read More

January is National Thyroid Awareness Month

Hypothyroidism is a condition that is more common than you might think. Millions of Americans suffer from it and may not even be aware. The condition occurs when the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormones – the main hormones responsible for metabolism. If you suffer from this condition, there are some things you should know about … Read More

Ditch That Painful Migraine in Your Hot Tub

Nothing is more frustrating, debilitating, or maddening for many individuals than the sudden onslaught of a migraine. Your day grinds to a halt, and getting relief becomes everything. You’re not alone—history shows that Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and Elvis Presley were routinely hit with migraines. Symptoms of migraines usually include severe pain on one side of … Read More

Oregon Hot Tub Earns Coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award

Angie’s List Super Service Award in Pool & Spa Service in Portland Oregon Hot Tub Earns Coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service Oregon Hot Tub has been awarded the prestigious 2010 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor bestowed annually on approximately 5 percent of … Read More

Five Gifts for the Hot Tub Lover

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift to give to a friend or a loved one during the holidays. Well, Oregon Hot Tub is here to help! Here are five ideal gifts to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of their hot tub: Steps—Often the one thing hot tub owners don’t purchase with their new tub that … Read More

End the Procrastination Now…Get a Hot Tub for the Holidays!

With the…well, let’s say “inconsistency” we’ve all experienced over the last couple of years in our economic world, many key purchases we’ve all wanted to make have been put on the back burner. A lot of people have adopted the “wait and see” attitude when it comes to buying that new appliance, new car, the … Read More

Why Buy from a Certified Spa Dealer?

The Beaverton, Bend and Clackamas showrooms were again awarded the coveted Spasearch 2011 Certified™ Retail Store award – the only independent retail endorsement in the hot tub industry. This is the second year in a row these showrooms have received this honor! The first question you should ask yourself before buying or servicing your next swimming pool, … Read More

Hot Tub Winterization Tips

Winter is here – is your hot tub prepared? The winter weather has hit and for some of us – earlier than we expected. Make sure your hot tub is in top condition to “weather” the weather. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: With the temperature dropping and freezing temperatures a common … Read More

There’s something in the water…and it’s ACE!

In our previous entry, we talked about our terrific SilkBalance System and its ability to simplify water care, create a natural soaking experience, and soften your skin while enjoying your tub. Next we move on to our exciting new ACE Salt System. This system has been taking the hot tub industry by storm—and it’s found … Read More

There’s Something in the Water…

…and it’s practically nothing! It’s true…over the last several years, Oregon Hot Tub has been searching for ways to get the water in our tubs as natural as we possibly can. Fewer chemicals allow for a healthier soak, prevent harsh drying effects on your skin, and afford you the chance to soak daily in H2O … Read More

Five Key Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Hot Tub Retreat

Creating the perfect backyard haven for your new hot tub can be an exciting part of your buying experience. Summer is the perfect time to identify the perfect spot for your hot tub, and how to integrate it into your backyard living.

Here are five things to keep in mind when planning the spot for your new hot tub…


On July 4th, Oregon Hot Tub lost one of its family. We are sincerely heart-broken in announcing that Paolo Weatherbee, our Valet Technician in the Portland area, has passed away…

Destroying the Myths About Buying a Hot Tub

You’ve come to a life changing decision today: You’re going to buy a hot tub.

The first thing we at Oregon Hot Tub would like to say is, “Congratulations!” If you’ve never had a hot tub before, you’re in for a treat. A hot tub will help you reconnect with loved ones, allow you an escape from the complexities of daily life, rejuvenate your body, help induce a more restful night’s sleep, enhance your overall health and create a new sense of well being.

Well…that is…if you buy the RIGHT hot tub.

Discover Peace and Health with an Infrared Sauna

At Oregon Hot Tub, we’re definitely not “sweatin’ to the oldies”! In fact, we’ve embraced the newest way to a healthy sweat—the infrared sauna. More and more studies are emerging every day on the terrific benefits enjoyed by daily use of an infrared sauna. Not only will an infrared sauna give you a quiet haven … Read More

Keep Your Family Safe & Healthy in Public Pools & Hot Tubs

There has been a lot of buzz recently on the news circuit regarding safe water in public pools and hot tubs. When we visit a public pool, or use a hot tub in a hotel or health club, we’re usually careful about not slipping when entering the water, looking for a lifeguard to be on … Read More


Oregon Hot Tub recently pledged $3,000 to help save Redmond’s Annual 4th of July fireworks display at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo. With Oregon Hot Tub’s generous donation, just a little more than three quarters of the $7,000 needed to put on the show, has been raised by the community. An additional $2,500 still … Read More

Featured Hot Tubs: Envoy & Grandee

Family-Friendly Hot Tubs Sometimes, we all want to trade in a reliable “thing” for the latest, greatest “thing.” If you describe your hot tub as vintage or have simply outgrown it, we would like to introduce the family-friendly Hot Spring Envoy and Grandee. The Envoy has seating for the average family size–five. While the Grandee is … Read More

How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

This article is divided into four sections: – Why Clean Your Hot Tub Filter – When to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter – How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter – Helpful Tips for Hot Tub Filter Maintenance Why Clean Your Hot Tub Filter Your hot tub’s filter traps debris, contaminants, and metals in the … Read More

Eco-Friendly Hot Tubs

In celebration of Earth Smart Month, we are highlighting two Hot Spring hot tubs that are the most eco-friendly hot tubs in the country and, maybe, the world: 5-person Aria, and 6-person Vanguard If your Oregon HotSpring Spa hot tub is beyond its warranty expiration, you’re thinking about a new hot tub, or have already … Read More

ACE Salt Water Sanitization System

The ACE Salt Water Sanitization System for Hot Tubs is Revolutionizing the Hot Tub Industry Description: The ACE Salt Water Sanitization System is brought to you by Oregon HotSpring Spas–the Local Hot Tub Expert in Bend and Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is a revolutionary product that addresses the … Read More

Hot Tub Filters

Let’s face it, regardless of how clean and tidy we are, our hot tub filters need to be cleaned periodically. Periodically cleaning your filters can extend the life of the water and the chemicals in your hot tub. This month, filters are on sale: $5.00 off Freeflow and Hot Spring filters $10.00 off Tiger River … Read More