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Get your hot tub ready for Fall

Get your hot tub ready for Fall

Yes, it’s true—Fall is here. While some think this is the time to shut down their hot tub, we think it’s absolutely the best time to use it! Nothing is better on crisp cool (or rainy) nights than trotting out to the tub for a luxurious soak that will heat you up and keep you … Read More

Spruce Up Your Hot Tub for Spring

Isn’t it great that spring has finally sprung? We’ve experienced an especially wet few months, and it’s gratifying to know that sunnier longer days are now part of our reality. We know that some of you just haven’t been giving your good friend in the backyard—your hot tub—proper attention during the winter. Well, now’s the … Read More

Five awesome gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is June 21st! Need some inspiration for the perfect gift for the favorite guy in your life? We have some outstanding treats we know he’ll love! Take a look… Big Green Egg. It’s the perfect time of year (and the perfect opportunity) to treat Dad to a terrific new way to barbecue. We … Read More

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Here are some great gift ideas for you

Mother’s Day is nearly here—Sunday, May 10th. This is the day meant to give your Mom some overdue recognition, love and—yes—gifts. Stumped on what to give your Mom this year? Well, Oregon Hot Tub can help! Here are five great gift ideas that we think would be received with much happiness and appreciation. A Hot … Read More

How do you fix Monday morning “blah”? Try soaking in your hot tub

Doesn’t everyone just wake up on a Monday morning and say, “Aaaahh!” No? More likely, you’re waking up and saying, “Ughhh!” Well, soaking in your hot tub first thing on Monday morning might just get your day (and probably your whole week!) off to a much better start. Here’s our recommendation: Get up at least … Read More

Our Cool Stuff Event will make your hot tub…well….COOL!

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at all the cool tech that has come to market over the last few years for a Hot Spring Spa, it’s our duty to point out a couple of great things you can add to your hot tub to enhance your enjoyment and peace of … Read More

Myth Buster: How safe are hot tubs?

Every once in a while we get these questions about how safe hot tubs really are. It seems to be that the news stories that point out the rare hot tub injuries get wide enough exposure that it perpetuates this myth that hot tubs really aren’t safe. Thankfully for us, that’s not true! In fact, … Read More

Hot Tubs Are Gross – No They Aren’t!

Lots of people out there like to give hot tubs a bad rap. Never mind all the health benefits that have been attributed to hot water therapy, and endorsements over the years from various groups (like the National Sleep Foundation & the National Arthritis Foundation)…some folks just think getting into a hot tub with others … Read More

Five winter hot tub no-no’s

We at Oregon Hot Tub know that there’s no better time to use your hot tub than in the depths of the winter season. It’s an awesome way to get rid of the winter chill, enjoy the tranquil darkness of a January night, and watch the steam rise off the hot tub as you melt … Read More

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