Health Benefits

Help your Body Adjust to Daylight Savings with Your Hot Tub

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it appears the older I get, the longer it takes my body to re-adjust once we either fall back or spring ahead the clocks for daylight savings. The fall adjustment seems to take a particular toll on me for some reason. One thing that seems to help my … Read More

The cautions of drinking and soaking

When using the hot tub, please don’t commit an SUI (Soaking Under the Influence) We know: Soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine sounds like an excellent way to unwind after a hard day. And, perhaps one glass while soaking won’t exactly kill you. But, drinking too much alcohol and soaking in … Read More

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, nothing can be more enjoyable than soaking in the refreshing water of a Hot Spring Spa. Hot Spring tackled the challenge of providing the experience of using salt to sanitize your hot tub with its ACE Salt Water Care—and it’s been a big hit. Since its introduction … Read More

Congratulations! You’re having a baby. It’s always an exciting, nerve-wracking, nail biting time. We get a lot of questions regarding using a hot tub while pregnant. Hot tub lovers have a hard time adjusting their soaking ritual when going through a pregnancy. Can I use it? How long is safe? How often? The #1 thing … Read More

With every year comes the changing of the seasons…and with the winter season, colds & flu seem to escalate in their occurrence. We’ve mentioned this in the past, but it certainly bears repeating at this time of year, given that it seems the flu outbreak is peaking in the Northwest. It seems particularly aggressive this … Read More

Finnleo Infrared Saunas feature new patented CarbonFlex panels. These panels were developed over a number of years, and are now ready for consumers. The exciting feature of these panels: they are the safest infrared emitters available. These new panels have the lowest EMR & EF emissions available. In fact, they even exceed the strict Swedish … Read More

Spring is here, and many runners are hitting the great outdoors for some good healthy runs. If you haven’t been on regular runs, your feet may cry “Help!” when you wrap up your outdoor jaunt. Here are some tips to keep your feet happy & healthy. Elevate. If your feet tend to swell during a … Read More

Weren’t you just motivated when you made your New Year’s resolution to get in better shape just one short month ago? You hit the gym, worked out a new routine, maybe hired a personal trainer…and got up the next day after a good workout just sore. Here’s some encouraging news that will help you stay … Read More