Hot Tub FAQ


If you are in the market for a hot tub, one of the first questions you might ask is, “How much does a hot tub cost?” The answer is, it depends. Hot tub prices are not an industry secret. The main reason they are not displayed on the manufacturer’s website or most dealers’ websites is that prices vary, … Read More

Hot Tub Buying Secret: Consider the Noise Factor

Did you know…? One of the tub complaints in many neighborhoods is noise from a neighbor’s hot tub! There are so many things that people get distracted with when they go on a hot tub quest—some of those things don’t really matter at the end of the day (high jet counts, ridiculously high horsepower on … Read More

Handy Tips for Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Home

One thing we’ve learned over the years: When our customers move, it’s hard to leave your Hot Spring Spa behind! For those of you who just can’t bear it and decide to take your hot tub with you, here are some steps for a successful hot tub move.   If you’re employing a moving company, … Read More

Make good ol’ BBQ chicken for Labor Day on your Big Green Egg

Can you believe Labor Day is nearly here?? It’s hard to believe summer is nearly behind us and it will soon be ready for some of the crisp fall nights ahead. Before that happens, the holiday weekend will afford yet another opportunity to break out the Big Green Egg and produce some mouth-watering treats for … Read More

Use a hot tub to help manage Type 2 Diabetes

I was speaking to one of my relatives a few weeks ago who has Type 2 Diabetes. While we’ve had this conversation before, I had to remind them that one of the ways blood sugar levels can be managed is by regular hot tub soaking. After speaking with her, I realized that, while this is … Read More

We at Oregon Hot Tub know that there’s no better time to use your hot tub than in the depths of the winter season. It’s an awesome way to get rid of the winter chill, enjoy the tranquil darkness of a January night, and watch the steam rise off the hot tub as you melt … Read More

We get this question from time to time. And, since we’re in the height of tax season and everyone has to get their taxes submitted by that magical date of April 15th, we felt this a timely subject to discuss. If your doctor has recommended hot water therapy for chronic medical issues or another event … Read More