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Want to know the secret of Hot Spring Spas? It’s in the water!

August is National Water Quality month. As part of recognizing this month-long event, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to point out the hot tub that treats its owners to the cleanest most natural water for soaking: Hot Spring Spas. What’s the secret? Well, there aren’t really any secrets. Hot Spring over the … Read More

Infrared sauna benefits may be helpful with cardiovascular issues

Infrared sauna use can be good for your entire body, and studies show that it could have great benefits for your cardiovascular health. Many medical journals have reported on studies using infrared sauna therapy to address the symptoms of congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and more. The results of one such study were reported in the … Read More

Turn your swim spa into the family swimming pool for summer

One of the many advantages of a Hydropool Swim Spa is the ability to turn it into the family swimming pool for the summer months. It’s certainly big enough to double as the swimming pool for the kids, and will make for some terrific nighttime swims when the heat of the day starts to cool. … Read More

Incorporate your Big Green Egg into making the perfect fried chicken

Independence Day is just around the corner, and it’s very close to the day set aside as National Fried Chicken Day, July 6th. Why not celebrate both this year by using your Big Green Egg as a key secret ingredient to make stellar fried chicken no one will be able to resist? Start out by … Read More

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