Oregon Hot Tub

It’s hot to keep things COOL this summer in our new Yeti® Coolers

Yeti Coolers have arrived at Oregon Hot Tub! And they are, quite simply…cool! Created by Roy & Ryan Seiders, the brothers from Austin always loved outdoor adventures, but found coolers that they took on their outings lacking. Lids caving in, latches coming loose and breaking, and handles that came off (never mind that stuff often … Read More

Hints to clean up cloudy hot tub water

We get a lot of calls regarding cloudy hot tub water. Especially at this time of year, when the hot tub is getting increased use for social reasons and the bather load rises, it’s easier to get enough extra “stuff” introduced to the hot tub that can create cloudiness. There are a number of things … Read More

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Here are some great gift ideas for you

Mother’s Day is nearly here—Sunday, May 10th. This is the day meant to give your Mom some overdue recognition, love and—yes—gifts. Stumped on what to give your Mom this year? Well, Oregon Hot Tub can help! Here are five great gift ideas that we think would be received with much happiness and appreciation. A Hot … Read More

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