Mother’s Day is around the corner! Here are some great gift ideas for you

Mother’s Day is nearly here—Sunday, May 10th. This is the day meant to give your Mom some overdue recognition, love and—yes—gifts.

Stumped on what to give your Mom this year? Well, Oregon Hot Tub can help! Here are five great gift ideas that we think would be received with much happiness and appreciation.

  • A Hot Spring Spa. Depending on the size of your family, you might want to consider something more family oriented like a Grandee or Vanguard from our Highlife Collection. Or, if the kids are now out of the house, why not a terrific Bolt or a luxurious Jetsetter NXT so she has her own private paradise?
  • An Infinity Massage Chair. No room for a hot tub? There’s definitely room for this amazing chair! It offers up heat massage from the feet to the neck, the ability to play soothing music, terrific lumbar support & more. Delivered right to your door & easy to purchase on our website (Nothing like a massage each and every night!)
  • A Finnleo Infrared Sauna. Three of our models plug into a standard household outlet indoors—that’s all you need! Good for healthier skin, more restful night’s sleep, calorie burning, stress release…the reasons for a Finnleo Sauna are many. And, not one of them will cause Mom to say, “I don’t need that.” No way! She’ll love it! (Toss in a linen sauna seat cover for a nice luxe touch.)
  • If your Mom already has a hot tub or sauna, our lines of aromatherapy are a very nice treat for either. We’ve got two terrific lines of aromatherapy for hot tubs from Spazazz. The original line with tried and true scents and the Rx line which features minerals for extra therapy in addition to what it will do to please the nose while soaking. For the sauna, we have wonderful eucalyptus essential oil. Added to water and poured over the sauna heater rocks, it will create a fabulous fragrance that will also open up the sinuses and improve breathing. If you have an infrared sauna, we have Finnleo’s clever aromatherapy infuser to use in your infrared room, too.
  • If your mom already has a hot tub, she might love a Spa Umbrella. With this design, the umbrella can be over the tub for shelter and shade when needed, or rotated from over the tub to provide a great umbrella for patio furniture or a chaise lounge. Available in two colors to complement outdoor living.

There you have it! Now…we don’t want you to forget the lovely dinner, beautiful flowers or her favorite chocolate. The above are meant to give you inspiration for some added treats she’ll love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!