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If you’re a fan of meditation—or have always thought of giving it a try—why not add a unique twist and meditate in your sauna. An infrared sauna would be an ideal environment in which to give this type of meditating a try. The environment will be warm and healing without being too stifling. Here are … Read More

Hot Tubs Sale Portland Oregon – Enjoy Family Fun This Summer in Your Own Portable Spa from Oregon Hot Tub in Portland… Posted by Oregon Hot Tub on Monday, April 20, 2015

We’re getting into the height of spring, with summer just around the corner—hooray! But…what to do about those extra pounds you may have added over the winter when you just weren’t that active? Here’s something you can give a try: hot tub yoga. Ever thought about doing yoga in your hot tub? It will not … Read More

You may have never heard of this! Did you know that April 13-18 is International Dark Sky Week? This is the week set aside in April to celebrate the New Moon. It’s actually a worldwide observance. The idea is to turn off all outside lights and enjoy the wonders of the heavens at night without … Read More

Oh goody…! It’s almost time to pay taxes (said no one ever). Yes, it’s true—April 15th is just around the corner, and it’s time to collect all those files and pieces of paper and get them to the tax preparer to make sure you’ve got everything covered when you file. Here’s a question we often … Read More