Hot Tub Benefits

Hot tubs are a great source of fun and relaxation—until the water doesn’t look quite the way it should. Number one rule to healthy hot tub use: don’t soak in cloudy hot tub water. Cloudiness develops in hot tub water for a number of reasons—lack of sanitizer, pH levels out of balance, introduction of body … Read More

  Massage therapists and chiropractors are discovering a secret to helping their patients experience improved results from their visits by adding an infrared sauna to their practice. Infrared saunas take up little room and set up within minutes. Since smaller models operate on a standard 110V outlet, there’s no special wiring for installation. Our most … Read More

Few hot tubs in the entire hot tub industry have enjoyed a rich successful history as one of the most sold hot tub models ever. This month we celebrate with the Hot Spring Sovereign as our Spa of the Month. Hot Spring was enjoying great success in the late ‘70s with the introduction of its … Read More

  This is the week to soak in your hot tub and experience July’s full moon. In the west, it will officially peak July 14th at 11:38 p.m.—the perfect time for a summer soak! Did you know…each full moon of the year has a name? July’s full moon is called Full Thunder Moon. (And no…that’s … Read More

It’s amazing how quickly 21 years can fly by – and how much you can achieve during that time. Lonnie McCann, our Senior Service Technician knows a bit about that as he celebrated 21 years with Oregon Hot Tub last week. Lonnie began his career with Oregon Hot Tub as a part time temp. During … Read More

Recently, our own Dean Thurston, celebrated 11 great years at Oregon Hot Tub. We are both honored and fortunate to have such a dedicated, respected and hard working member of our team. Many of you know Dean already through your interactions with him in the Beaverton showroom, but here is a little background on Dean … Read More