Hot Tub Royalty—the Hot Spring Sovereign

Few hot tubs in the entire hot tub industry have enjoyed a rich successful history as one of the most sold hot tub models ever. This month we celebrate with the Hot Spring Sovereign as our Spa of the Month.

Hot Spring was enjoying great success in the late ‘70s with the introduction of its first model, the Hot Spring Classic. As the company was finding its way early on, Jeff & John Watkins—the creators of Hot Spring Spas—ran into a bit of a dilemma. They discovered that folks in the Midwest and East Coast were not crazy about the idea of trotting out in the bitter winter cold to hop into a hot tub. (We’ve come a long way since then!) What people were asking for: a hot tub they could use outdoors in fall, spring and summer but use indoors in the harsh winter months.

Using their creativity, the first Sovereign was born. Our records date back to the Sovereign being introduced in 1984. Back then, it was introduced as the Indoor/Outdoor model. With a height of only 29” and dimensions of 6’4” X 7’5”, it could easily pass through a standard doorway to be moved inside. It only weighed 400 pounds, and like its sister the Classic, operated using just a dedicated 110V plug.

The idea worked, and the Sovereign found its place as hot tub royalty. It’s also one of the earlier hot tubs in the industry to win the Consumer Digest Best Buy award, way back in 1992.

Times have changed, and we’ve all grown up with hot tubs now—and the Sovereign has grown up too! Today’s Sovereign sports great jet variety, a Soothing Stream water feature, the ability to naturally sanitize with the innovative ACE Salt Water System, and more.

Are you ready to feel like royalty every night of the week? Visit Oregon Hot Tub today and check out the Hot Spring Sovereign.