Lonnie celebrates 21 YEARS with OHT!

It’s amazing how quickly 21 years can fly by – and how much you can achieve during that time. Lonnie McCann, our Senior Service Technician knows a bit about that as he celebrated 21 years with Oregon Hot Tub last week.

Lonnie began his career with Oregon Hot Tub as a part time temp. During his first two weeks however, he logged in 40 hours of overtime because he was utilized so much. Not exactly part time. He was hired full time shortly after that. A month later, he was moved up to head of the delivery team. Talk about quick advancements. But that just comes naturally for Lonnie.

In late 1994, Oregon Hot Tub (then still called Oregon Hot Spring Spas) opened a showroom in Bend. The lead service tech at the time was sent down there to help get thing started, which vacated a spot in Portland. Lonnie shifted over from delivery to service at that time and has been there ever since – now moving up to becoming our senior service tech. He keeps up on training and has logged over 34,000 hours of field service time in addition to factory training. Lonnie said that it’s been easy to stay for 21 years –it’s always been a good fit.

He feels his most proud achievement was in 2009 when he was awarded with the Mueller-Crispin Founder’s Award  – the highest, employee-voted recognition that Oregon Hot Tub awards. A close second is the everyday satisfaction he gets from connections with customers. He now services hot tubs that he delivered over 15 years ago. Being part of the “Hot Spring family” with every customer – which it really is – makes it that much more enjoyable and worthwhile.

When he’s not working, Lonnie likes to stay busy with family and friends – keeping it simple and low key. He enjoys a good game of pool and actually travelled to Las Vegas twice for Nationals for the American Poolplayers Association.  So next time your tub needs service – you’ll likely see Lonnie. Here’s to 21 more years with him. Congrats Lonnie!