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There’s something in the water…and it’s ACE!

In our previous entry, we talked about our terrific SilkBalance System and its ability to simplify water care, create a natural soaking experience, and soften your skin while enjoying your tub. Next we move on to our exciting new ACE Salt System. This system has been taking the hot tub industry by storm—and it’s found … Read More

There’s Something in the Water…

…and it’s practically nothing! It’s true…over the last several years, Oregon Hot Tub has been searching for ways to get the water in our tubs as natural as we possibly can. Fewer chemicals allow for a healthier soak, prevent harsh drying effects on your skin, and afford you the chance to soak daily in H2O … Read More

Five Key Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Hot Tub Retreat

Creating the perfect backyard haven for your new hot tub can be an exciting part of your buying experience. Summer is the perfect time to identify the perfect spot for your hot tub, and how to integrate it into your backyard living.

Here are five things to keep in mind when planning the spot for your new hot tub…


On July 4th, Oregon Hot Tub lost one of its family. We are sincerely heart-broken in announcing that Paolo Weatherbee, our Valet Technician in the Portland area, has passed away…