Oregon Hot Tub

Tips to ready your hot tub for fall

The weather is turning. In the Northwest, that means plenty of outstanding nights out soaking in the hot tub! Is yours ready for the coming season? Here are some tips to make sure you and your hot tub are ready for fall: How’s your cover? Nothing is less fun than lugging a water logged cover … Read More

Heading to Finland? Try out a floating sauna cabin

It’s well known that the Finns love their saunas. It’s reported that there are 5.3 million saunas across Finland! It would stand to reason that the Finns would also be the ones to take enjoying sauna bathing to exotic/unique locales to heighten the experience and make a visit memorable. Enter Saunalautta. Located near Joensuu in … Read More

Stay connected with your kids with a “hot tub date”

The kids have gone back to school, and with it come all the things that make present-day kids busier than ever: extracurricular activities, sports, homework, studying, social gatherings with friends… How do you get time to actually stay in touch with your kids during the school year and make sure you know what’s really going … Read More

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