Stay connected with your kids with a “hot tub date”

The kids have gone back to school, and with it come all the things that make present-day kids busier than ever: extracurricular activities, sports, homework, studying, social gatherings with friends… How do you get time to actually stay in touch with your kids during the school year and make sure you know what’s really going on with them?

One way that seems to work swimmingly is a weekly hot tub date. We’ve heard from many parents over the years how the hot tub has provided them with a terrific opportunity to get together with their kids and get some personal time to check in and find out how they’re doing.

Years ago, a single mother came in to purchase a Hot Spring Prodigy. When asked why she was purchasing the tub, the immediate response was about her 11-year old daughter. She could tell she was starting to feel that they weren’t getting the chances to talk and stay in tune with each other as they could when she was younger. She was of the mind the hot tub would partially help with that issue. And—she was right! Several years later, she came in to the showroom to purchase supplies and chatted with her original salesperson. She thanked him for selling her the tub, and told him she had some of her most meaningful conversations with her daughter in the hot tub. It had definitely helped them bond and stay connected. The combination of the hot water and the quiet time allowed both of them to relax…and she was amazed at how much her daughter opened up to her after about ten minutes of soaking!

If you’re feeling the same way, why not give a weekly hot tub date a try? Not only will it give you some outstanding chances to get some time with your kids, it will also condition them to look at the hot tub as a way to relax and deal with a lot of the stress kids often feel these days with the crazy school schedules they keep and the workload that accompanies it.