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Cleansing Water Therapy – by Guest Blogger Joshua Green

Springtime is associated with new beginnings. The energy of the season is vigorous and dynamic, therefore bringing about conditions favorable for profound growth. While winter was a time for conservation and hibernation, spring is a time of renewal, regeneration, and revival as is witnessed all throughout nature. During this time, the seasonal energy tends to move up and out. … Read More

Owning a swim spa is healthy…Let’s count the ways

If you have thought of owning a swim spa, you’re on the right track. Being able to swim daily in the privacy of your own backyard provides numerous health benefits. Here are just a few of the top health benefits. Improved cardiovascular health. Any physical activity is good for your heart. Swimming is yet another … Read More

Top five reasons to choose a swim spa over a swimming pool

Top five reasons to choose a swim spa over a swimming pool

So many people love to swim, and there’s certainly plenty of evidence that regular swimming is good for you. How do you get the benefit of swimming year round at home in an economic way? The answer: a swim spa. There are a number of reasons people choose to install swim spas over a swimming … Read More

Tell me…what is a swim spa?

Tell me…what is a swim spa?

Americans have embraced the concept of swimming and using hot tubs for decades. It is widely recognized that both swimming and hot tub soaks are both ways to improve your health and overall sense of well being. With the popularity of swimming and hot tub use, the advent of a hybrid that combined the benefits … Read More

Hot Tubs Beaverton, Bend, Camas – Can a Hot Tub Really Improve Your Relationship?

From dating books to in-laws, someone is always offering advice on how to improve our relationships. It’s dangerous territory, but an area that hardly anyone has all figured out. Whether you choose to seek professional help or navigate the waters of your relationship on your own, someone has probably already been there. Luckily, sometimes these … Read More

Attention health providers—add an infrared sauna to your practice!

Many health providers have discovered a terrific new way to service their patients and clients while improving their bottom line. The answer? Portable infrared saunas. For a massage therapist, adding an infrared sauna to your practice is a no-brainer. Your client can enjoy a 20-minute session in the infrared sauna prior to a rub. This … Read More

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