Attention health providers—add an infrared sauna to your practice!

Many health providers have discovered a terrific new way to service their patients and clients while improving their bottom line. The answer? Portable infrared saunas.

For a massage therapist, adding an infrared sauna to your practice is a no-brainer. Your client can enjoy a 20-minute session in the infrared sauna prior to a rub. This gives them a chance to decompress, increase circulation and warm their muscles. Not only will this allow them to be more receptive to the benefits of your massage, it will also make it easier for you to work on their body (which makes it good for you too!). You’ll be able to create a “sauna/massage” package and pay for the investment of a sauna in your practice in no time.

The same benefits of relaxing and warming the muscles is good for chiropractors. Adjustments will be easier to make on a patient who has had the ability to warm and stretch in an infrared sauna. Recovery from injury may come faster, and your patient’s sense of well-being will be markedly improved.

Personal trainers with home gym facilities can offer a post-workout sauna to clients they see at home. What better way to soothe sore tired muscles right away than with good hydration and a post-workout sauna to flush toxins and lactic acid? It would set you apart from other personal trainers, and increase the value of the training regimen you provide. Offering a sauna definitely positions you as a healthy lifestyle proponent. (And hey—you’ll be able to enjoy it after a long day of clients too!)

Helo infrared saunas are easy to set up. With three options available that plug into a standard household outlet, you’ll be able to get set up in no time. Incredibly inexpensive to operate and easy to maintain, it’s an investment in your business you’ll certainly be glad you made.

Visit one of our locations today for a look at our entire line of Helo infrared saunas. We’ll help you find the ideal sauna to complement your existing business. Your clients will thank you!