Tell me…what is a swim spa?

Americans have embraced the concept of swimming and using hot tubs for decades. It is widely recognized that both swimming and hot tub soaks are both ways to improve your health and overall sense of well being.

With the popularity of swimming and hot tub use, the advent of a hybrid that combined the benefits of both types of water therapy and enjoyment was certainly to come. That is when the idea of a swim spa came into being. The goal of the swim spa: to allow the enjoyment of swimming and soaking in one portable unit affordably.

A swim spa is typically between 12 and 14 feet long. Designed as “portable” units, this means they can be installed on a level foundation without the need to install plumbing. They are easily filled with a garden hose.

Because everything is self contained within the unit, it’s very easy to create your own environment around a swim spa. You can leave it free standing, or surround it with decking or other hardscapes to give it a built in look. Since it is portable, this also allows you the option of moving the swim spa should you relocate to a new home.

In terms of design, swim spas typically have jetting at one end of the swim spa to create a current strong enough to swim against. Jet pressure is adjustable to customize the strength of the current to accommodate swimmers at every level, from beginner to pro. Swimming against the current allows for continuous exertion without stops and turns found in a traditional swimming pool exercise routine.

The reverse end of the swim spa is usually designed with seating for at least two, also equipped with hydrotherapy. The jets in these seats are more in line with traditional hot tub jets, allowing for the relaxing soak and jetting experience found in traditional hot tubs.

The beauty of a swim spa is the ability to enjoy both hot tubbing and swimming without huge expense. Few people have the space or the $40,000+ in funds available to install a pool. Swim spas afford a cost effective solution to achieving a swimming pool environment for any homeowner.

TidalFit Swim Spas, offered by Oregon Hot Tub, offer up the perfect way to enjoy swimming and hot tubbing every day of the week in your home. Contact us today to find out more!


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