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Take your cleanse to a whole new level with an infrared sauna

A lot of individuals periodically try to rid their bodies of all the toxins we’re exposed to through our environment and diet with a cleanse. There are a number of different methods for cleansing your system. The most popular ones seem to revolve around combinations of water and fruit and vegetable juices, and range from … Read More

Swim Spas – The Perfect Low Impact Workout at Home – Swim Spas Sale Portland, OR

Swimming is the ultimate exercise. It provides the best of walking/jogging while protecting muscles and joints from impact injuries. According to physiologist Robert A. Robergs, swimming is a great choice for everyone. Even those who have medical issues that prohibit most other forms of exercise such as arthritis, sports injuries or back problems, are able to … Read More

SilkBalance in your hot tub will help combat dry summer skin

Summer time is one of the times of the year that your skin seems to be put under stress in ways it doesn’t usually have to cope with at other times of the year. Increased outdoor activities expose your skin to increased sweating, as well as extra exposure to UV rays. Heading outdoors into warmer … Read More

Need a gift idea for Dad’s Day? Here are Oregon Hot Tub’s top five

Dear ol’ Dad is celebrated this coming Sunday. I’m sure you have your Father’s Day gifts all picked out…right?? Well, in case you need some inspiration, Oregon Hot Tub offers up these top five gift ideas to make the guy in your life happy. A Big Green Egg. Well, duh. What guy doesn’t love the … Read More

Consider essential oils to enhance your traditional steam sauna bathing

There are a multitude of positive benefits from using a traditional steam sauna. If you want to take your enjoyment and health benefits to a new level when you take a sauna, give some essential oils a try. Not only will you enjoy the aromatic impact the oils will have on your olfactory senses, they’ll … Read More