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Swimming is the ultimate exercise. It provides the best of walking/jogging while protecting muscles and joints from impact injuries. According to physiologist Robert A. Robergs, swimming is a great choice for everyone. Even those who have medical issues that prohibit most other forms of exercise such as arthritis, sports injuries or back problems, are able to get a good workout in the water.

The trouble tends to be finding the water to exercise in. While a full-sized pool isn’t necessary for a good water workout, a bathtub isn’t big enough. A swim spa is the perfect place to set up a home workout that not only gives users all of the benefits of a full-sized pool, but a great place to relax and soothe tired, sore muscles at the end of the day as well.

A swim spa is a compact pool that allows users to get a full-body workout either by practicing water aerobics or actually swimming in a very small space. By using jet powered currents that provide resistance, users can complete all common swim strokes without moving from their single location in the water.

The best swim spas are made of strong, attractive, easy to maintain fiberglass and range in size from 14 feet to 19 feet. They take up so little space that they can fit easily in any yard or on a patio. They are high-quality personal pools with several possible variations to fit the exact needs of the user. There are basic swim spas that are equipped to allow all types of swimming movements in a small space and there are more advanced units for people who want to get a good walking or jogging exercise without needing to practice swimming movements. These swim spas have a treadmill that actually works the same as a land-based treadmill only under the water. The buoyancy of the water lets people get the same great workout without stressing joints, back or muscle tissue.

For serious athletes who want a full range of exercises the larger, complete trainers that have enough room for all swimming, aerobics and the treadmill incorporated into them are an ideal fit when space is at a premium. At the same time, these fantastic home fitness products also provide all of the benefits of a hot tub with its hydrotherapy functions. The water can be set at a warm, soothing temperature to relax and heal injured muscles and joints. The powerful jets create a massaging action that works deep into tissue and gets rid of the aches and pains from daily tension and injuries.

High-quality swim spas have the added benefit of being completely self-cleaning. The water is thoroughly cleansed every 15 minutes so there is never a fear of bacteria buildup. It is the perfect setup for any fitness level and jet power can be adjusted to accommodate the most inexperienced beginner or the most advanced swimmer.

Just like a traditional pool, the swim spa can be placed in-ground or above ground. The attractive fiberglass shell looks great no matter where you put it, and makes a great place to entertain friends and family.

“To encourage local residents to check out the benefits of using a swim spa to help improve their overall health and well-being, Oregon Hot Tub is providing free test soaks at all their showrooms.  We do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute soak call us ahead of time to reserve their spot,” commented Dave Doornink, Oregon Hot Tub’s Marketing Director.

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Swim Spas Sale Portland, OR

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