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How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

This article is divided into four sections: – Why Clean Your Hot Tub Filter – When to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter – How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter – Helpful Tips for Hot Tub Filter Maintenance Why Clean Your Hot Tub Filter Your hot tub’s filter traps debris, contaminants, and metals in the … Read More

Eco-Friendly Hot Tubs

In celebration of Earth Smart Month, we are highlighting two Hot Spring hot tubs that are the most eco-friendly hot tubs in the country and, maybe, the world: 5-person Aria, and 6-person Vanguard If your Oregon HotSpring Spa hot tub is beyond its warranty expiration, you’re thinking about a new hot tub, or have already … Read More

ACE Salt Water Sanitization System

The ACE Salt Water Sanitization System for Hot Tubs is Revolutionizing the Hot Tub Industry Description: The ACE Salt Water Sanitization System is brought to you by Oregon HotSpring Spas–the Local Hot Tub Expert in Bend and Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is a revolutionary product that addresses the … Read More

Hot Tub Filters

Let’s face it, regardless of how clean and tidy we are, our hot tub filters need to be cleaned periodically. Periodically cleaning your filters can extend the life of the water and the chemicals in your hot tub. This month, filters are on sale: $5.00 off Freeflow and Hot Spring filters $10.00 off Tiger River … Read More

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