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Love your gold jewelry? Please remove it when hot tubbing!

Jewelers are, in my opinion, so very lucky. Time may march on, traditions may change, technological advances continue to emerge…but it seems humans will always have an enduring love affair with jewelry. If you don’t want anything to ruin that jewelry love affair, do your precious baubles a favor and take them off when you … Read More

Buyer beware: a hot tub from craigslist may not be a good idea

We see this scenario all the time: A customer comes into one of our stores who got a “great deal” on a hot tub from craigslist. Now they need a new cover, all their water care products, a pump broke and they need a new one…the list goes on. Suddenly the “great deal” they purchased … Read More

Five reasons to use salt water in your hot tub

It’s hard to believe that Hot Spring introduced its exciting ACE Salt Water System three years ago! Boy, has it taken the industry by storm! Customers love the ease and added enjoyment of salt water in their hot tub. If you’re ready for a new tub, here are five good reasons to add an ACE … Read More

Enhance your hot tub soak & sauna session with aromatherapy

There’s a terrific way to help your body escape and relax even more when you hop in your hot tub or sauna. Enhancing the experience with aromatherapy adds a new dimension to your regular hot tub or sauna routine, allowing your mind to let go of the stress of the day. The key with aromatherapy … Read More

One of the best August hot tub treats—The Perseids Meteor Shower

August may not necessarily be a big hot tub month for most—after all, it’s the one time of the year in the Northwest we’re more than likely guaranteed to have some hot summer days! BUT—nothing is better than experiencing the Perseids meteor shower from the peaceful retreat of your hot tub. This is the one time … Read More

Olympic divers credit hot tubs for better diving.

Olympians are among the most elite athletes in the world. So it’s no surprise that they will utilize the most effective means necessary to compete at the highest level possible. One of those means is a hot tub. In a recent Washington Post article, former Rutgers University diver David Feigley (now a sports psychologist) shared … Read More