Enhance your hot tub soak & sauna session with aromatherapy

There’s a terrific way to help your body escape and relax even more when you hop in your hot tub or sauna. Enhancing the experience with aromatherapy adds a new dimension to your regular hot tub or sauna routine, allowing your mind to let go of the stress of the day.

The key with aromatherapy for your hot tub is to use products that won’t cause you headaches with water care. Oregon Hot Tub only offers aromatherapy for your tub that is pH neutral, won’t cause cloudy water, and filters out in a day or two to ensure your water stays in great shape.

We carry two lines of Spazazz aromatherapy crystals with terrific fragrances you’ll really love. The original Spazazz line of scents features essential oils that will elicit all kinds of “aaahs” as you soak: pomegranate, combinations of verbena, lime & coconut, and lavender & palmarossa.

If you’re after something that will excite your senses as well as provide some extra health benefits, consider one (or more!) of the Spazazz Rx selections. These will target specific issues while you soak: achy joints, detoxification, and respiration.

Did you know you can also enhance your sauna session with aromatherapy? Finnleo offers four distinctive essential oils perfect for the sauna. These are genuine proven oils used by sauna aficionados in Scandinavia—it doesn’t get any more authentic than that! In fact, they’re made in Germany and come straight from Finnleo’s home in Hanko, Finland.

How to use them? When you’re in your traditional steam sauna, simply add a small amount of the essential oil to your water bucket. This is the time when it’s good to liberally splash the rocks and release the fragrance, filling the room with a grand bouquet. You can choose from herbal, pine, or birch.

If you have sinus issues, a cold, or just want a good awakening of your senses, Finnleo ‘s suprema grade eucalyptus oil is the answer! A small amount of this oil added to your water will invigorate your sauna session. You’ll really feel refreshed, and emerge from your session equipped to breathe in that fresh air.

Have an infrared sauna instead? No problem! The clever folks at Finnleo used wood remnants from manufacturing sauna rooms to fashion an aromatherapy infuser that hangs from one of the slats on the infrared panels. The infrared heat warms up the oil, allowing wafts of scent to fill the room. You’ll love it!

Try aromatherapy on your next visit to your hot tub or sauna. Breathe in, relax, and escape!