One of the best August hot tub treats—The Perseids Meteor Shower

August may not necessarily be a big hot tub month for most—after all, it’s the one time of the year in the Northwest we’re more than likely guaranteed to have some hot summer days! BUT—nothing is better than experiencing the Perseids meteor shower from the peaceful retreat of your hot tub.

This is the one time we’d recommend soaking in total darkness—hot tub lighting off. The darker your surroundings, the better your chances to view the show, which can often find up to 60 meteors streaking across the night sky in an hour!

August 11th and 12th will likely be the best nights to view Perseids this year. While there will be a sliver of a crescent moon at the same time, you should still be able to enjoy the show. Looking up towards the northeastern sky will afford you the best view.

For an extra viewing aid, you might consider bringing a pair of binoculars along to the tub. A camera with a telescopic lens might be a good option as well—just take care to keep it away from the water!

Once you have experienced the glory of Perseids, make sure to trot out to the hot tub for the full moon on August 31st. Bathing in the glow of a full moon is the exact opposite of the darkness required to view Perseids, and provides an entirely different soaking experience. And—did you know that this August marks the rare occurrence of a full moon twice in the same month? This year we’ll enjoy a full moon August 2nd and August 31st. The full moon on the 31st is considered the “Blue Moon”. It’s a rare event—be sure to enjoy it from your hot tub!

Make August a special part of your summer by enjoying the night sky from your hot tub!