Five reasons to use salt water in your hot tub

It’s hard to believe that Hot Spring introduced its exciting ACE Salt Water System three years ago! Boy, has it taken the industry by storm! Customers love the ease and added enjoyment of salt water in their hot tub. If you’re ready for a new tub, here are five good reasons to add an ACE Salt Water System to your new Hot Spring Spa.

Easy to use. There have been other salt systems out there that have attempted to make salt water part of the hot tub. Only Hot Spring made a conscious effort to integrate the use of their salt system into the tub’s filtration and control system. This is what makes ACE Salt Water Care so successful.

The salt generator is concealed in the tub’s equipment bay. The cell that generates the sanitizers is tucked away in one of the filter’s standpipes, where it can fully impact the body of water and make the correct amount of sanitizer. Nothing is unsightly about this salt system—it’s truly part of the tub’s makeup.

All function of the salt system is easily managed on the tub’s state of the art controls. And, guess what? It’s in plain English! No codes or strange symbols you’ll need a manual to translate. Everything setting is simple and intuitive, and takes less than a minute to set!

Fewer chemicals. With this salt system, it’s amazing how little you use to keep your water in great shape. A small amount of alkalinity increaser is used at start up, as well as the spa salt and an ounce of chlorine. After each use? Add nothing! Once a week, as long as alkalinity & pH levels are good, add nothing! Every two weeks—nothing. You’ll add another ounce of chlorine at the 30 day mark! The less chemicals added to the water = less work for you.

Softer water means softer skin. One of the great benefits of salt water soaking is how it benefits your skin. Traditional hot tub chemicals contain fillers that can dry skin and sometimes cause irritation. Soaking in salt water is much less harmful for your skin—and face it, who doesn’t need that? After each soak, you’ll notice how much better your skin feels (and smells!) than it did with traditional old school hot tub chemicals. Definitely smart for those with sensitive skin, or bouts of eczema.

Less odor. Ever gotten into a hot tub where it felt like you needed a gasmask to soak? Well, salt water smells clean & gives off very little scent! Not only will your skin love the softer water salt provides, your nose and eyes will thank you too.

Less water. Everyone is thinking more about the environment each and every day. Because you use fewer chemicals with ACE, the entire body of water normally lasts much longer than it would with traditional chemicals. In fact, some users leave the water in their tub upwards of a year before it gets dumped! This saves water, as well as electricity used for drain & fills. And—guess what? The salt in the water is at such a low level (less than human tears!) that it could be drained out on landscape or stored in a rain barrel for future use!

Ready for a new hot tub? Ready to move into the future with healthy, soft, natural water care? Then it’s time for a new Hot Spring Spa from Oregon Hot Tub. We have 12 models that can operate with ACE Salt Water Care!