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Five ways a swim spa can improve your health

Aaahhh…swimming! It’s just so much fun! And…swim spas give you a way to enjoy some of that splashy fun in your own backyard. And here’s the good news—there are a variety of ways that using a swim spa can benefit your health. Here are five great reasons to own a swim spa. Weight Loss. It’s … Read More

Saunas help police officers with chronic illness from meth exposure

Here’s a compelling case for the value of using a sauna for detoxification. In 2011, a study was published revealing how sauna use aided police officers in Utah with combatting the effects of exposure to methamphetamine. Sixty-nine officers were involved in the study. Officers that were repeatedly exposed to meth through breaking up meth labs … Read More

Five reasons to skip buying a used hot tub online

It seems the spring and summer months are the time that there’s an escalation of folks materializing online trying to sell a hot tub. Sure enough, we end up getting a plethora of calls from folks with all kinds of woeful tales about their decision to buy a second-hand tub from a private party. Here … Read More

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