Five reasons to skip buying a used hot tub online

It seems the spring and summer months are the time that there’s an escalation of folks materializing online trying to sell a hot tub. Sure enough, we end up getting a plethora of calls from folks with all kinds of woeful tales about their decision to buy a second-hand tub from a private party.

Here we’d like to offer up five reasons why buying a used hot tub online might not be a great way to spend your hard earned money:

  1. How sanitary is it? You’d be alarmed if you knew how many folks simply don’t take care of the water in their hot tubs. And, when they decide to sell them, they pass on a lot of bacteria, dead skin/dried body oils and chemicals…and very often used/dirty filters with the purchase.
  2. How well was the hot tub maintained? Stories abound of folks calling us who get a hot tub to their home and discover parts broken, leaks developing, pumps and heaters failing… Often these issues don’t show themselves right away—a month or two after setting it up in their backyard is more like it.
  3. How old is the hot tub cover? A lot of customers send their used hot tub on its merry way to a new home with a used cover. Guess what? Covers can be hiding mildew, be water logged, have vinyl that’s been damaged by exposure to rain, sun, UV, temperature extremes. This adds up to a cover that will not be energy efficient, and cost you more to operate the tub each and every month.
  4. How old are those chemicals? Did you inherit a box of mystery chemicals with the tub? How can you know if what it says on the outside of the bottle is actually the product that’s inside the bottle? How old are they? Are they out of date/expired?
  5. Can you get parts for the tub? A lot of hot tub brands (and the parts needed for them) come and go. A lot of folks call us with tubs that are needing parts replaced, and they have no idea that the parts can no longer be purchased. (When was the last time you “MacGyver’ed a hot tub??)

With all that said, hey—we get it. We know how many people love the idea of owning their own hot tub, either for relaxation, health reasons, and better sleep. We’re all for it! Oregon Hot Tub takes tubs in trade when folks purchase a new tub from our company. When we get tubs back that we deem good enough to refurbish and sell to someone as a renewed tub, we go to work giving it the rehab it needs to ready it for a new owner. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we have taken all the mystery out of buying a used tub. You’ll get a solid tub with solid support from our company at a price you can afford. (Did you know we can even offer financing on a renewed tub, to help make it as affordable as possible?)

Another option for folks on a budget is to consider our line of Freeflow Spas. These are terrific tubs manufactured by Hot Spring Spa’s parent company. You’ll get a reliable, dependable hot tub that will be easy to care for, have warranty coverage, and well supported by us—all at an incredibly reasonable price. (Some folks pay MORE for a used hot tub online than they could buy a new Freeflow Spa they could enjoy for years!)

Take a look at our current offering of renewed hot tubs and Freeflow Spas. You’ll be so glad you did!