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The University of Iowa* has been conducting an exhaustive study over the last several years related to sauna use. Some of their findings have recently been released, and show some encouraging new data on the benefits you can get from saunas. The main objective of the study: Can a sauna serve as a replacement for … Read More

When the seasons change and the temperatures drop, there are critters in our world that seek out places that are dry and/or warm to camp out to endure fall and wintertime. The one place you DON’T want these lovely creatures to inhabit is your hot tub! Here are some notes that could keep your hot … Read More

One of the greatest delights of the fall and winter months is sitting out in the bubbly waters of your hot tub to take in the glorious glow of a Full Moon. This Sunday, on the 17th, is the perfect chance to seize the opportunity and enjoy just such an event. The Full Moon in … Read More

Yoga is mired in history and well known for all its health benefits. Did you know…? 30 million people worldwide practice yoga in one of its many iterations! Yoga is terrific to improve breathing, flexibility, and is a terrific way to relieve stress. If you own a swim spa, you might want to give aquatic … Read More