Your hot tub is the perfect spot to view a Full Moon

One of the greatest delights of the fall and winter months is sitting out in the bubbly waters of your hot tub to take in the glorious glow of a Full Moon.

This Sunday, on the 17th, is the perfect chance to seize the opportunity and enjoy just such an event. The Full Moon in November is known as the Full Beaver Moon. For the colonists and the Algonquin tribe, the November’s Full Moon was the sign to set beaver traps before the water froze, ensuring they would have a supply of warm fur for the coming winter. It is often also called the Frost Moon, since November typically brings temperatures low enough for overnight frost to develop.

What better time to dip into your hot tub than on a fabulous Full Moon night? Whip yourself up some hot chocolate, trot out to your tub, and hop into the steamy water that awaits you. Part of the joy of owning a hot tub is getting out into nature and appreciating every season of the year. A crisp November night is often brisk, incredibly quiet, and inky black—perfect for basking in the moonlight and pondering life’s treasures.

Or, thinking up what you’re going to buy everyone for the coming holidays!

Happy soaking!