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Years ago, it used to be that only affluent, well off people could afford to own and maintain their very own in-home hot tub. Times have changed – and thank goodness. With cost efficient, compact models, even the smallest of space is perfect for enjoying the soothing comfort of heated water and massage from the comforts of home.

If you’re considering looking into a new hot tub, here are a few other ways convenience and luxury have united in the modern hot tub.

Cost Effective Luxury – The idea of having a hot tub at home is still incomprehensible to many people. Traditionally an expensive asset, hot tubs were a reserved luxury for those with large homes and even larger wallets. But with so many innovative and cost effective design features, today’s models are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Pumps, heaters, lighting systems and more are constructed with energy efficiency in mind, saving potentially thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. Besides, with the money that can be saved by staying in instead of traveling for a night out, a hot tub is a smart and savvy purchase.

A World of Entertainment at Your Fingertips – Many of us imagine relaxing in the heated water of a hot tub in silence, taking in the sounds of nature while we let the soothing water massage away the stress, pain and discomfort. But how about experiencing the same relaxation only enhanced by a state of the art entertainment system. That’s a waterproof flat screen television broadcasting your favorite program or movie in perfect surround sound quality. It’s simply decadent and what true relaxation is truly about – a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Looking to stay in for date night? Here’s an alternative to that expensive evening that is sure to please.

Hands-Free Maintenance – One of the best features of today’s modern hot tub is the ease with which you can maintain and operate it. Complete water sanitizing systems make water care easier than ever, producing clean, healthy water every time. Automated systems make maintenance and cleaning virtually hands-free. Plus, with innovative features like silent filtration and more, the right hot tub can be enjoyed without having to hear loud motors or intrusive noises while you’re relaxing.

With affordability, versatility and hands-free maintenance, the modern hot tub has more to offer than ever before. A luxury once reserved for the elite, today’s cost-effective, user-friendly models are a wise investment, sure to bring years of family friendly fun, improved health and entertainment.

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