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Key Mistakes to Avoid for Swim Spa Owners

Key Mistakes to Avoid for Swim Spa Owners

You’ve decided to buy a swim spa? Congratulations! We hear from our customers all the time how a swim spa has helped changed their lives. But sometimes folks make some novice mistakes as they start getting used to owning a swim spa. We’d like to counsel you on some things to avoid. Do take a … Read More

5 Ways a Swim Spa Will Improve Your Life

5 Ways a Swim Spa Will Improve Your Life

We know times are tough right now. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has reported that getting about 2½ hours per week of aerobic activity can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing chronic illness and disease.  A swim spa is an excellent way to get that aerobic activity in each week, and will … Read More

Use your swim spa to get an Olympian physique

Use your swim spa to get an Olympian physique

As the Olympics wrap up this week, it’s hard not to feel an immense sense of pride in the US Olympic athletes and all they have achieved. One of the big highlights has certainly been the incredible performance turned in to Michael Phelps. With 28 medals to his credit spanning five Olympics. (Many don’t realize … Read More

The perfect swim spa for small spaces is here

The perfect swim spa for small spaces is here

If you’re an avid swimmer that’s always dreamed of having your own backyard retreat for a daily swim but not much room in that backyard, we may have the perfect solution for you!   Hydropool’s AquaSport 12’ fX delivers a terrific option when you just don’t have tons of backyard space to devote to a … Read More

Swim Spas for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is one of the mystery diseases that to this day baffle doctors as to its cause. Multiple sclerosis initiates an abnormal response of the body’s immune system. It affects the central nervous system, made up of the brain, spinal cord & optic nerves. The issues MS causes are wide and varied: weakness, tingling, … Read More

A swim spa can help with knee replacement rehabilitation

Yowza! Did you know that about 700,000 Americans get knee replacement surgery performed each year? Knee replacement procedures can lay you up for some time, and the key to getting back on your feet (literally) and doing so with good mobility and without pain is to do good consistent rehabilitative therapy post-surgery. I’ve known a … Read More

Runners rejoice! Swim spas can help improve your running

Time to get out of that winter funk and start hitting the trails and running again. If you need some extra help getting your body conditioned for your running routine, regular swimming in a swim spa may be the answer! The United States Masters Swimming Committee believes swimming can help you improve your running, making … Read More

Five great ways you could be relaxing today

Today is National Relaxation Day! I think we can all agree that in today’s hectic world, finding time for yourself and doing some much needed unwinding can be just what the doctor ordered. “But how can I relax…?” you might ask yourself. Well, Oregon Hot Tub is all about escape and relaxation. In fact, every … Read More

Create a terrific swim spa setting with the right plants

Installing and enjoying your very own swim spa is a project that will reward you every day once it’s set up and in place. You’ll love the benefit of retreating to your back yard to enjoy it! Creating the perfect environment around the swim spa? Well, that’s a project entirely unto itself. Terrific plants to surround … Read More

Five ways a swim spa can improve your health

Aaahhh…swimming! It’s just so much fun! And…swim spas give you a way to enjoy some of that splashy fun in your own backyard. And here’s the good news—there are a variety of ways that using a swim spa can benefit your health. Here are five great reasons to own a swim spa. Weight Loss. It’s … Read More

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