Runners rejoice! Swim spas can help improve your running

Time to get out of that winter funk and start hitting the trails and running again. If you need some extra help getting your body conditioned for your running routine, regular swimming in a swim spa may be the answer!

The United States Masters Swimming Committee believes swimming can help you improve your running, making your sessions smoother and allowing you to run longer. Here are four reasons why:

  • Improved breathing. Proper swimming techniques force rhythmic breathing. Better breath control practiced during swimming can translate easily into greater breath control on a run—you’ll be more efficient, and experience smoother runs.
  • Improved balance. Swimming helps to develop upper body strength—key for runners to help control their stride. Increasing upper body strength through swimming eliminated undue stress other aerobic exercise might cause on your body.
  • Improved pace. Rhythmic breathing during swimming translates perfectly for pacing skills while running. Whether you’re training for endurance events or for simple sprints, swimming will help.
  • Improved flexibility. Swimming, thanks to its ability to allow you to exercise in a buoyant environment, definitely aids in developing upper and lower body flexibility. Kicking and strokes both help improve overall flexibility. Adding fins and ankle weights will enhance your workout, and encourage ligament and tendon strengthening to support ankle movement during runs. It will also help with hip flexibility.

If you want to get back into great running shape, consider incorporating a swim spa into your routine! It could give you that extra edge you’ve always wanted.