5 Ways a Swim Spa Will Improve Your Life

We know times are tough right now. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has reported that getting about 2½ hours per week of aerobic activity can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing chronic illness and disease. 

A swim spa is an excellent way to get that aerobic activity in each week, and will allow you to do so with less stress on your joints and less likelihood of any injury. We at Oregon Hot Tub have heard from our customers how their Endless Pools Swim Spas have improved their quality of life. Here are just five examples of what swim spa use can do for you!

  1. Energy boost. Using your swim spas gives you a good overall body workout while getting the aerobic benefits at the same time. Utilizing the buoyancy you’ll get from being in the swim spa will help keep you on track to get the full benefit of the aerobic activity, and will release newfound energy in your body as a result. You’ll love how you feel!
  2. Emotional boost. A terrific benefit of any exercise is the resulting endorphin release, that critical “feel good” chemical your body will produce. Exercising in your swim spa will definitely give you terrific endorphin production. The resulting feeling euphoria is known to be a stress reliever, boost self-esteem and aide in improving sleep. Who doesn’t need that?!
  3. Ditch pain. If normal workouts and aerobics (never mind daily life!) cause aches and pains along the way, a swim spa will not create impact on your joints that could induce “ow” moments. Your swim spa will also help lengthen muscles for greater flexibility and mobility.
  4. A stronger, healthier body. Your swim spa will work out your muscles, your respiratory system, your circulatory system, your heart—and you can lose weight to boot. Weight loss will help out both your bones and joints in better condition, helping to ward off opportunities for injury.
  5. Escape…release…peace of mind. Once you complete your exercise in your swim spa, spend time to float, relax, and let your mind wander. It’s an excellent opportunity to let your mind enjoy a chance to turn off for a bit and become better prepared for whatever lies ahead. It can be your own personal Zen retreat if you allow it!

Swim spa your way to a stronger healthier you! You’ll be amazed at how your life will transform.