Sauna Activities

Where is the Fountain of Youth? Inside your Sauna!

Have you ever noticed how incredibly young the Finns look compared to the rest of us? There’s a not-so-secret reality of their daily life that you can easily incorporate into yours: a daily sauna session. The sauna does incredible things for your body, but you achieve that Fountain of Youth result from what it does … Read More

Baked Sweet Potatoes on the Big Green Egg for Thanksgiving

It seems there are always a plethora of sweet potato dishes that turn up for Thanksgiving—most of them tossed in with marshmallows and more. For a twist this coming holiday, how about baking up sweet potatoes on the Big Green Egg? For sweet potato lovers, this might be an excellent alternative to the traditional dish … Read More

The Secret to Good Sleep is Your Hot Tub & Sauna

November is National Sleep Comfort month. It’s well known that getting a good night’s sleep is key to our bodies and our minds. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that an estimated 50-70 million adults in the U.S. experience a sleep or wakefulness disorder! They also noted that those who experience a sleep deficit … Read More

Give the Ultimate Holiday Gift: A HotSpring Spa

Year after year, it’s a true treat and pleasure to deliver a new Hot Spring Spa to families across the greater Portland region for the holiday. If you’re thinking about the ultimate gift to give your family or a loved one this coming season, why not delight them with a Hot Spring Spa? When you … Read More

Help your Body Adjust to Daylight Savings with Your Hot Tub

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it appears the older I get, the longer it takes my body to re-adjust once we either fall back or spring ahead the clocks for daylight savings. The fall adjustment seems to take a particular toll on me for some reason. One thing that seems to help my … Read More