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Tips to keep your sauna in tip top shape

When you own a sauna, it’s easy to hop in and have a great session every day. But, it’s also quite easy to let the little bit of maintenance you should do slide down the “to do” list to the bottom. While there’s not much to taking care of a sauna, keep in mind the … Read More

Hot Tubs Portland Oregon, Hot Tubs Portland OR – 3 Tricks For Looking Younger

Since the beginning of time, people have been looking for the secret to perpetual youth. And as the anti-aging cosmetics industry grows by leaps and bounds every year, it’s a pretty safe bet that folks are actively seeking solutions. While there are no magic bullets, it is possible to look younger, healthier and refreshed in … Read More

Three great exercise ideas for your swim spa

Swim spas are great for regular swim routines, but they can also be effective for other methods of exercising your body in water. Here are three workout suggestions for your swim spa! Dumbbell Water Extensions—Take two dumbbell water weights into the swim spa and retreat to the deep end of the pool. With the jets … Read More

Take a hot tub & watch a movie, London style

Young Londoners always seem to find ways to have a good time that’s unique and trendy. Brits have always been known to enjoy great cinema, and they’ve discovered the bliss of enjoying a good hot tub soak. Well…why not combine the two? That’s what Londoner Asher Charman decided to do, and the Hot Tub Cinema … Read More

Get your hot tub ready for fall with these five important tips

Well…we know it. We’ve enjoyed more daylight hours and a few (!) days we could truly consider “summer” days. But, time marches on and fall is just around the corner. Is your hot tub ready for the coming months? Take our advice and do the following to get your tub primed and ready for the … Read More

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