Get your hot tub ready for fall with these five important tips

Well…we know it. We’ve enjoyed more daylight hours and a few (!) days we could truly consider “summer” days. But, time marches on and fall is just around the corner. Is your hot tub ready for the coming months? Take our advice and do the following to get your tub primed and ready for the crisp days ahead.

  • Filters—When was the last time your hot tub filters were cleaned? It’s really best to clean your filters thoroughly on a monthly basis. Why? Well, obviously the top reason is to make sure your water is always clear and healthy for soaking. Did you also know that the #1 reason a hot tub doesn’t heat up to temperature is due to old or dirty filters? If the flow to the circulation pump and heater is affected by clogged filters, your tub will not heat up to the toasty 102 degrees you love. Do yourself (and your hot tub!) a favor and get new hot tub filters. And, be sure you clean your filters with a good filter cleaner (just water is not cleaning, my friends!).
  • Hot Tub Cover—Have you been putting off getting a new hot tub cover? Well, here’s the truth…old hot tub covers cause your tub to use more energy every day, put strain on your hot tub lifter and cabinet, allow dirt to get into your hot tub, AND put undue stress on your back when you remove it for a soak! If you’ve been putting off a new hot tub cover, face the truth and order a new one today. It will make your enjoyment of your hot tub much better in the coming fall and winter months, and will ensure your hot tub is costing the least amount of energy to operate. And—be sure you’re conditioning your hot tub cover’s exterior vinyl with 303 Protectant.
  • Ozone System—If you’ve experienced an increase in water quality issues and your filters are in good shape, chances are your ozone system may be dirty or in need of replacing. Your ozone system should be cleaned every year to ensure proper ozone production and eliminate the buildup of acid in the unit. Our Service Center can arrange for ozone system cleaning, or provide info to clean it yourself. Another truth: ozone systems really normally only last bout 3-4 years at the longest. Eventually it will stop producing ozone (and bubbles in the water from the system do NOT mean it is working!). An Ozone Detection Kit will help determine if sufficient ozone is present. If not, it’s time to buy and replace your current ozone system with a new one.
  • Water! If you’ve had the existing body of water in your hot tub for at least 2-3 months, do yourself a favor and drain and fill the tub NOW for the coming season. You’ll congratulate yourself later when you head out to the hot tub each of the coming brisk fall evenings and find wonderful piping water that’s clean to greet you!
  • Silver Ion Cartridge—Here’s some news for you folks out there: silver ion cartridges do not have magical properties. In other words, they don’t last forever. Whether the tub is being used or not, the cartridge is in play the minute it’s installed in the tub, and it REALLY DOES only last four months, just like the box says! If you haven’t changed it, replace it now Or, better yet, sign up for our Home Delivery Service. We’ll make sure it shows up at your home on schedule to make sure your water is clean and sanitized.

If you’re just on the go and find you don’t have time to do all this yourself, why not count on Oregon Hot Tub to do it for you? Our Signature Water Care Service is just for you! Our trained water care specialists will visit your home, drain & fill your tub, clean your filters, clean your ozone system, and more. We have a number of programs to choose from…one may be just the ticket for you.

Fall is coming—it can’t be denied. Be sure your hot tub is ready to take care of you!