Three great exercise ideas for your swim spa

Swim spas are great for regular swim routines, but they can also be effective for other methods of exercising your body in water. Here are three workout suggestions for your swim spa!

Dumbbell Water Extensions—Take two dumbbell water weights into the swim spa and retreat to the deep end of the pool. With the jets running for resistance, walk towards the shallow end. As you do so, lift each dumbbell up until they meet eye level, then extend one weight with one arm. As you lower that arm, extend the weight in your other arm. Do 10 reps with each arm as you walk against the current.

Kickboard Resistance—This is excellent for increasing endurance along with strengthening your legs. It will also be an excellent cardio routine for the pool. Take a kickboard into the swim spa. Turn the jets on to a moderate speed so you have a good current to swim against. Extend your arms out fully with kickboard in hand and begin paddling against the current, taking care to maintain a consistent rhythm. Attempt to maintain your paddling position in the swim spa in the same space during the entire session—at least 5 minutes, up to 10 if your fitness level is higher. As your endurance grows, increase the speed of the jets to strengthen the current and continue to challenge yourself for longer sessions.

Underwater Cycling—If you love to cycle, but want to do so without a lot of stress to your muscles and joints, this is an excellent option! Place a stationary bike in the middle of your swim spa. Make sure the bike is firmly seated on the base of the spa—if you have some ankle or wrist weights, you can use them at the bike base to give it extra stability. Hop on the bike and pedal away! When you do this routine in the water, attempt to keep your back straight and your head fully above water the entire time. Increase difficulty by lifting your butt off the seat. Bike for 10 minutes per session if you can manage it, or until you’re fatigued until you build your endurance.

Have some great swim spa exercise ideas? We’d love to hear them! Drop us a note and share your exercise routine. We’ll share the best ideas in a future blog.