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Chronic Fatigue System affects at least 4 million people in North America. Chronic fatigue is determined by a doctor. Usually, the symptoms include unexplained persistent headaches, impairment of short term memory and concentration, muscle pain and joint pain, sufficient sleep that doesn’t result in feeling refreshed, and malaise from exertion that doesn’t subside after adequate rest. Sore throat and … Read More

One of the #1 issues many hot tub users seem to experience over time is cloudy hot tub water. Since you should only soak in water that’s crystal clear, we’re here to offer some solutions to get your hot tub water clarity back in tip top shape. Check your filters! Many people seem to think … Read More

Last month we told you about the Hot Tub Cinema in London, which we thought was quite fun and innovative. Now, the folks in Holland have come up with another fascinating take on the hot tub—the Hot Tub Tugboat. Dutchman Frank de Bruijn designed a tugboat that has been equipped as a floating hot tub … Read More

Astronomy Day is right around the corner, on Saturday, October 20th. Stargazing is always a terrific thing to do…especially from the peace and quiet of your own hot tub! This year, Astronomy Day coincides with the Orionids Meteor Shower. While not quite the same show the Perseids Meteor Shower produces in August, a fall night … Read More