Visiting Holland? Check out the Hot Tub Tugboat!

Last month we told you about the Hot Tub Cinema in London, which we thought was quite fun and innovative. Now, the folks in Holland have come up with another fascinating take on the hot tub—the Hot Tub Tugboat.

Dutchman Frank de Bruijn designed a tugboat that has been equipped as a floating hot tub and can seat 6-8 people! The tug can be used as a regular boat—or, fill it up with 500 gallons of water and voila! You’re ready to immerse yourself in warm bubbly water.

The tugboat is made of wood,  glass fiber reinforced polyester, and has a drive system with a 2.4 kw electric motor. A stainless steel stove provides the heat via a wall pipe piercing through into the “tug-tub’s interior.

What a unique way to take in the sights when you’re visiting one of Europe’s beautiful countries?!

If you plan a trip to Holland, travel to Friesland in the north part of the country and take out the Hot Tub Tugboat—and send us some photos from your experience! We’d love to see them! Learn more about the HotTug. Learn more here.