Hot Tubs Beaverton, Hot Tubs Portland OR – End of Summer Bash: 3 Ways to Usher in the Fall

As the weather starts to cool and the pool floats find their way back into the garage for another season, it’s time to think about the next round of fun in the sun. Fall is a great time of year for a variety of reasons, but it’s the perfect time for outdoor activities.

So how about bringing summer to a close with a bang? Here are three ways to say goodbye to summer and usher in the fall that are bound to turn heads and inspire a few laughs.

Host a Smoothie Party – With pumpkin bread and squash casserole around the corner, now is the time to take advantage of those fresh fruits and special priced mangos you won’t be getting for much longer. How do you do it? Host a smoothie party of course. Have some friends join you in setting up a tasting table for friends and family to sample. With a few blenders and some creativity, you could be on the verge of something unforgettable- or at least a new favorite drink. Get inspired by visiting the farmers market that’s only around for another few weeks and get a jump on your fruits and vegetables for the month.

Outdoor Football and Fajitas – Who doesn’t love a great game of football? Add some fajitas and you’ve got the beginnings of a fabulous end of summer bash. When you’re looking to use the grill one last time before packing it up for the season, chicken and beef fajitas are perfect. Cut the veggies inside beforehand and plan your event on a Sunday game day. Make sure to have plenty of goodies and snacks on hand like popcorn, nachos and chips. The football fans will enjoy the comradeship, the kids will play and the food speaks for itself. A great way to celebrate the autumn season, football and fajitas can easily become a family tradition and a spirited way to usher in the fall that everyone will look forward to.

Have an End of Season Hot Tub Party – With the kids back in school, work schedules changing and folks mixing it up, a hot tub party may be the last time relatives and good friends will have time to visit and relax for awhile. The weather is great, the hot tub is prepped and there’s no reason not to enjoy a little R&R. Consider setting up a floating table and play some water games or just chit chat. Friends and family members will beam at the idea of enjoying a personal massage and soaking away aches and pains. With everyone relaxed and feeling good, laughter, smiles and great conversation comes easily.

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean autumn has to be boring and dull. Throwing an end of summer bash is a great way to keep the momentum going, keep the energy up and get creative with friends and family. Discover your hidden talents with a smoothie party, get cooking with some great fajitas and football or spend a relaxing afternoon soaking away your troubles as the host of your very own hot tub soiree.

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