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Create a terrific swim spa setting with the right plants

Installing and enjoying your very own swim spa is a project that will reward you every day once it’s set up and in place. You’ll love the benefit of retreating to your back yard to enjoy it! Creating the perfect environment around the swim spa? Well, that’s a project entirely unto itself. Terrific plants to surround … Read More

Create the perfect date night with your Big Green Egg & your hot tub

What can be more enjoyable as a date night than good food, good company, and a great soak in your hot tub? The summer months provide the perfect time to combine all three and have a terrific night with a loved one. Start out by creating the mood at the hot tub. Stringing twinkle lights … Read More

Have arthritis? Consider an infrared sauna for relief

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. The number continues to grow. One of the biggest challenges for arthritis patients is eliminating joint stiffness, and gaining greater flexibility and mobility for the daily rituals of life. One thing that will certainly help with this is an infrared sauna. 26 years ago, research results were published in … Read More

Is your hot tub water green or yellow? Here’s why!

From time to time, the folks at our Service Center and in our stores get an onslaught of customers calling that are experiencing the water in their hot tub exhibiting a green or yellow hue. Relax! There are simple ways to deal with this type of water quality issue when it develops. First off: Why … Read More

Exciting product spotlight! The all-new 2014 Hot Spring Prodigy hot tub

Oregon Hot Tub customers love their Prodigy hot tubs. Heck—Oregon Hot Tub loves the Prodigy too! It has a long and storied history as a Hot Spring Spa, debuting way back in 1984 as the Home Spa. It was also the first Hot Spring model to receive the distinction of “Best Buy” from Consumers Digest—way … Read More