Create a terrific swim spa setting with the right plants

Installing and enjoying your very own swim spa is a project that will reward you every day once it’s set up and in place. You’ll love the benefit of retreating to your back yard to enjoy it! Creating the perfect environment around the swim spa? Well, that’s a project entirely unto itself.

Terrific plants to surround your swim spa with will really enhance it and create your own private paradise. Here are some terrific ideas of plants you can use to transform your back yard suitable for the Pacific Northwest.

  • Heavenly Bamboo, especially in pots near the swim spa, is not only a terrific accent but can offer privacy as well.
  • Create terrific fragrance with jasmine and gardenias.
  • Other flowering plants that are terrific—fuchsias, gladiolas and geraniums.
  • Lilies and dahlias can offer a lush look.
  • If you like the look of vines in the area, consider clematis.
  • Canna or coleus will give the environment a lush, tropical look.
  • Hostas are excellent for ground coverage between flowering plants.

For more terrific suggestions and ideas, consider visiting Portland Nursery. They also have terrific landscape design services available, and can really help you flesh out that swim spa paradise!