Have arthritis? Consider an infrared sauna for relief

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. The number continues to grow. One of the biggest challenges for arthritis patients is eliminating joint stiffness, and gaining greater flexibility and mobility for the daily rituals of life. One thing that will certainly help with this is an infrared sauna.

26 years ago, research results were published in The Annals of Clinical Research—Volume 20. In the study, Dr. H. Isomaki reported favorable findings involving the use of sauna therapy for arthritis sufferers. Over 50% of those involved in the study reported temporary relief of pain and increased mobility as a result of sauna use.

Why? Saunas increase the natural production of growth hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline. These all have anti-inflammatory benefits. The heat also helps encourage the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer. This, coupled with the increased mobility produced by the heat, produced positive benefits for the participants. Not only did they feel better, but the increased mobility and pain relief also served as a mood elevator—never a bad side effect!

In 2011, Finnleo Saunas quoted an 84-year old sauna enthusiast on his personal feelings on the topic: “I am now 84 years old and have taken a daily morning sauna for decades. I use it to loosen up stiff joints before starting my day. Saunas have dramatically improved my quality of life and have allowed me to stay active much more than I would have without my daily sauna.”

Such great testimony! Why not incorporate a Finnleo Infrared Sauna into your daily routine. We have a number of models that take little space, and will operate on a standard household outlet! What a terrific, simple way to improve your health and outlook on life! We have saunas on display in all our stores including our brand new location in Wilsonville. We hope you’ll take the time to visit us and discover why a Finnleo Sauna can help change your life.