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[PR Video] Hot Tub Dealers Portland Supports Emotional Wellness Month

Hot Tub Dealers Portland – Swim Spa Dealer Participates in Emotional Wellness Month – https://oregonhottub.com/portland ☎ 503-650-8242 All Portable Spas, Saunas and Swim-Spas on Sale. 97222 National emotional wellness month is set aside to focus on the important mental and emotional aspects of health, and show people how easy it is to take simple steps … Read More

Where on Earth can you sauna? These options prove…everywhere!

Sauna lovers that like a challenge will love this list. Here are four spots in the world where you can take in the sights, enjoy local culture—and partake in a unique sauna session as well! If you like the distinctive and unusual, these sauna spots should be right up your alley. Visit Milan & take … Read More

Five things to do when you buy a home with a hot tub

Everyone always gets excited when they move into a new home—and plenty get even more excited when there’s a hot tub there. You just can’t wait to enjoy soaks in the privacy of your own backyard! But—don’t hop in just yet. There are a few things you should consider doing before you start enjoying that … Read More

Have an extra $42,000 lying around? How about your own hot tub…BOAT?

Have you heard of Hammacher Schlemmer? Based in New York, this company’s been around for 166 years. They’re known for plenty of interesting quality products, as well as some that are truly unique and innovative. One of the current offerings from these folks is something plenty of people can get their heads wrapped around: A … Read More

Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse—Fabulous from your hot tub!

Taking in a celestial event is always a terrific treat. We think the entire experience is enhanced when you do a viewing of the heavens from the peace and tranquility of your very own Hot Spring Spa. Tomorrow morning will give you a grand excuse to head out to the hot tub and take in … Read More

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