Have an extra $42,000 lying around? How about your own hot tub…BOAT?

Have you heard of Hammacher Schlemmer? Based in New York, this company’s been around for 166 years. They’re known for plenty of interesting quality products, as well as some that are truly unique and innovative.

One of the current offerings from these folks is something plenty of people can get their heads wrapped around: A hot tub boat!

Of course, it’s no surprise that this lovely product is in fact manufactured in Seattle by a custom house boat carpenter. The boat itself is 16 feet long, which a 6’3” beam. (I’m sure you boaters out there know what that means—I have no idea!) The hot tub is 8’ long and 4’ wide, offering plenty of room for 4-6 adults. A diesel-powered boiler heats the hot tub up to 104 degrees. Four ice chests are built into the boat’s deck for plenty of refreshments available within reach while taking in a soak and enjoying the waters around you. The vessel also features a waterproof MP3 music system with pop up speakers to enjoy your favorite tunes.

If you don’t actually have the $42,000 lying around to purchase this fun curiosity, maybe you have a few friends who will go in on the purchase and share the joys of boating and hot tubbing with you? There are certainly worse things in life, don’t you agree?

To take a look at the Hot Tub Boat, visit the product page at Hammacher Schlemmer.

P.S. If that’s a bit rich for your taste, never fear! We’ve got a splendid array of hot tubs to fit everyone’s budget. We can certainly help with that!