Five things to do when you buy a home with a hot tub

Everyone always gets excited when they move into a new home—and plenty get even more excited when there’s a hot tub there. You just can’t wait to enjoy soaks in the privacy of your own backyard! But—don’t hop in just yet. There are a few things you should consider doing before you start enjoying that hot tub and calling it your own!

  • Get new filters. We say this all the time, but we’ll say it again: filters are the hardest working part of a hot tub. When you get a hot tub that was previously used by others, get new filters!! Hopefully you don’t use anyone else’s toothbrush; that’s kind of what using someone else’s used hot tub filters is like. Be smart and invest in a new set of filters for your tub, and make sure you clean them monthly with a good filter cleaner.
  • Flush your hot tub. If you’re unsure of how clean the hot tub was before you moved in, don’t take chances! SeaKlear makes a terrific product called System Flush. When added to the hot tub water, it will strip any biofilm out of the hot tub plumbing and parts, and sanitize the whole system at the same time. The very best way to make sure you’re immersing yourself into water that’s clean and fresh!
  • Get a hot tub tune up. If there are any mysteries about whether the hot tub is working properly, solve that easily with our hot tub tune up service. We’ll send one of our licensed technicians to go through the entire unit and make sure things are in excellent working condition. Schedule an appointment today.
  • Get a new hot tub cover. Most of the time a hot tub inherited in a home purchase hasn’t had its hot tub cover changed in quite some time. It may be heavy, water logged, and lost its ability to lock heat in the tub where you want it. If you need a new cover, definitely call our Service Center. We’ll get you a hot tub cover that fits properly and helps with energy efficiency. Or, you might decide to buy the ultimate in hot tub covers new to market—the Smartop. Not only will you avoid replacing covers, it will retain its energy efficiency and not get water logged over time!
  • Get good advice on water care. A lot of times folks come into our stores with such a hodge podge of chemicals for a hot tub, it’s hard not to cringe. Be sure you’re not dumping stuff into your hot tub that you may not need! There are plenty of great ways to manage hot tub water today, and options that help you avoid a lot of the old school chemicals. SilkBalance is a great alternative that helps keep your skin soft and avoids a lot of balancing and testing. And, if you happened to have been lucky enough to move into a home with a Hot Spring Spa, your tub may be able to get retrofitted to use the ACE Salt Water System for more natural water to enjoy as you soak. Visit one of our stores today to learn more.