Health Benefits

Swim spas are great for regular swim routines, but they can also be effective for other methods of exercising your body in water. Here are three workout suggestions for your swim spa! Dumbbell Water Extensions—Take two dumbbell water weights into the swim spa and retreat to the deep end of the pool. With the jets … Read More

Olympians are among the most elite athletes in the world. So it’s no surprise that they will utilize the most effective means necessary to compete at the highest level possible. One of those means is a hot tub. In a recent Washington Post article, former Rutgers University diver David Feigley (now a sports psychologist) shared … Read More

 Congratulations! You’ve decided to invest in a swim spa. Now the question is: what size should I buy? This is one of the things many swim spa owners wish they would have asked themselves before purchasing. It’s not all about the space you have available…did you realize the size of swim spa you buy is … Read More

Hard to believe it, but Independence Day is just around the corner! While you might choose to celebrate on the weekend before the 4th (since it’s on Wednesday this year), we think you should definitely choose to add hot tubbing or swimming in your swim spa along with the outdoor games, barbecue, and time with … Read More

Did you know…? There are more reports of new cases of skin cancer each year now than the total number of new cases of breast & lung cancer combined! Melanoma is now the second most common cancer among those between the ages of 15 & 29. As you use your swim spa in the summer … Read More

Tell me…what is a swim spa?

Americans have embraced the concept of swimming and using hot tubs for decades. It is widely recognized that both swimming and hot tub soaks are both ways to improve your health and overall sense of well being. With the popularity of swimming and hot tub use, the advent of a hybrid that combined the benefits … Read More

One of the benefits of owning a swim spa is the ability to better recover from certain injuries. Many physical therapists can help develop an aquatic therapy to assist with a variety of issues, including arthritis and healing from fractured bones. It can also allow an individual with weight challenges to exercise with less stress … Read More