Swim Spas Aid in Injury Recovery

One of the benefits of owning a swim spa is the ability to better recover from certain injuries. Many physical therapists can help develop an aquatic therapy to assist with a variety of issues, including arthritis and healing from fractured bones. It can also allow an individual with weight challenges to exercise with less stress to the body.

The major key in any of these therapy regimens is the buoyancy afforded by exercising and stretching in water. Since water relieves pressure placed on joints and supports much of an individual’s body weight through buoyancy, it becomes much easier and less painful when exercising or stretching.

The resistance exercising and stretching in water provides allows muscle strengthening without the use of weights. You can increase muscle strength, decrease joint stress, and may be able to exercise for a longer period than possible when trying a similar regimen outside of a pool or swim spa environment. If it can be managed, there are weights and additional resistance that can be created through the use of aqua fit training gloves.

For joint sprains and ligament tears, water therapy provides the opportunity to use hydrostatic pressure for recovery. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when weight is exerted downward over water (by a human body in this case). For these types of injuries, hydrostatic pressure helps the patient become aware of join position and improve it, as well as decrease joint swelling. This can also be a plus when using water therapy for arthritic reasons.

Exercising and stretching in water will relax muscles, increase blood flow to injured areas, and in many cases make it much easier to do the recovery therapy needed for these types of injuries with less pain and quicker recovery times.

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