Make the hot tub & swim spa part of 4th of July festivities

Hard to believe it, but Independence Day is just around the corner! While you might choose to celebrate on the weekend before the 4th (since it’s on Wednesday this year), we think you should definitely choose to add hot tubbing or swimming in your swim spa along with the outdoor games, barbecue, and time with friends & family. What could be more fun!?

Here are some things to think about as you prepare for the coming holiday:

  • Clean water is everyone’s best friend. If it’s been a while since you drained & cleaned your tub or swim spa, do it the week before you have your event. Better to plan now, get it fully drained, clean the filters, and get fresh water balanced & ready for all the fun ahead.
  • Finger foods are a good idea. Small bites that everyone can enjoy in or out of the tub or swim spa are smart. If you barbecue, of course the normal fare should stay out of the tub. But kabobs with small bites could be eaten with little incident while soaking. Other great ideas: veggies with light dip, fresh fruit (good for summertime flavor and hydration), deviled eggs, gyoza, egg rolls. Definitely keep tortilla, corn or potato chips far away from both the hot tub & swim spas! They’ll become mushy messes in no time if they end up in the water.
  • Encourage guests to bring swim suits that are thoroughly rinsed. Having friends & family over to enjoy your hot tub & swim spa is great fun—hopefully it won’t leave you with messy water to clean up. Have guests throw suits in the washer with no laundry detergent. This will thoroughly rinse them and prevent foaming and cloudy water as everyone soaks & swims.
  • How about great music? It’s easy to play terrific tunes outdoors with our SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. If you haven’t seen this dynamic gem, you’re missing out! This compact powerhouse of a speaker is perfect for pumping your favorite party music. Plus, it’s waterproof and buoyant, meaning your family and friends can rock out from your hot tub or swim spa. Check out the SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and get one in time for your event.
  • Have plastic glassware and lots of toys handy! Check out our E-Store for some terrific plastic glasses & bar ware. You’ll also find great toys, waterproof playing cards, and more.
  • Be sure you have plenty of sunscreen available. Your guests may not always remember to protect themselves from the sun’s rays when having a good time. Be sure you have plenty of water resistant sunscreen available with an SPF of 30 or higher to keep everyone safe & healthy.
Have a terrific 4th of July, and take a plunge on the holiday with your loved ones!